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Who We Are – why we do what we do.

To enable travel in Africa safely, easily make arrangements, and at the right price. 

Tripindigo is a specialist East African focused travel agent. It enables users to overcome the itinerary building and complex logistical challenges assosiated with travel planning and buying. There is a lack of credible information available when needing to know which service to use. This is promarily due to a) the regulatory framework for service providers which is not always enforced b) the number of service providers calling themselves professionals but are not certified and c) the competitiveness of the market.

Tripindigo’s founders have between them extensive experience of living, working and most importantly travelling throughout the East Africa. Tourists see and experience, travellers see, experience and feel. They feel the ‘now’.

It was their first hand experience of the pain points of travel organisation, especially in flight choice, finding reliable transfer, car hire providers, and operators of experiences and activities in the region that prompted the creation of this service.

Inconsistent information, the need to search multiple sites for flight ticket prices and schedules, finding out how to solve travel to remote places gave rise to the region’s first website to take all the hassles out of booking flights.

Customers were soon asking for related services to buy – they were asking our call center for recommendations on hotels, car hire services, transfers and experiences, let alone where to visit and what to do.

East Africa is a logistically challenging region when it comes to travel. The building of cohesive itineraries is not easy. Good information does exist but not in the most obvious places. (It is not unheard of for visitors to find themselves correctly delivered to a remote bush airstrip with no onward journey plans!).

Tripindigo was conceived to take the hassle out of travel planning, to provide easy itinerary building, to put forward products and services that would add value to any journey, and to help people find the traveller in themselves.

The right price: 

We’re able to bring the right price due to direct business relationships with reputable, best known local businesses and sourcing hotel rooms from some of the world’s best and biggest distributors.

We have set up Tripindigo in such a way as to be able to provide discounts on all the flight tickets we sell, to the point that our customers could even fly for free. When our customers buy their accommodation from us, we ‘kick back’ part of the commission an OTA would normally charge in the form of a discount on the flight or basket of services booked.

Karibu. Asante Sana.

Tripindigo is also listed on itravelnet.com – A certified Travel directory.

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