10 Adventure Places To Visit In Kenya

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Kenya is one of the most highly rated destinations for an adventure vacation. You will find so many activities to do in Kenya that it will keep you on your toes. Here are ten adventurous places to visit while in Kenya.

Maasai Mara

The Maasai Mara needs no introduction. It is the most famous game reserve in the world for multiple reasons. It is one of the two parks where the Great Migration occurs, where millions of wildebeest migrate to the Serengeti. Maasai Mara is also home to one of the most Maasai People, a distinct and ancestorial tribe of the region. Apart from this, the Maasai has breathtaking sceneries and exotic wildlife.

Amboseli National Reserve

The view of Mount Kilimanjaro is reason enough to visit this picturesque national park. Many tourists also come here to witness the mightly elephants in their natural habitat. Apart from this, you will also get to see giraffes, gazelles, and an array of bird species.

Tsavo National Park

Tsavo National Park is Kenya’s largest park, divided into two regions. In Tsavo East, you will find beautiful landscapes, elephants, and many other large animals. Tsavo West is known for the Mzima Springs, home to crocodiles and hippos.

Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru National Park is breathtaking. The beautiful park is home to a variety of birds, including pelicans. It used to be home to flamingos; however, the lake’s current conditions no longer exist for flamingos.

Lake Naivasha

Imagine a lake scattered with beautiful pink flamingos. The view is so surreal that you won’t believe it’s real. Apart from pink flamingos, you will also see over 450 different bird species, lions, warthogs, and many other animals. You may even spot a leopard. Lake Nakuru National Park is home to hippos as well.

Lamu Island

Stepping in Lamu Island is like getting into a time machine. Lamu Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site influenced by the Islamic and Swahili Cultures. The architecture of the pathways in Old Town will remind you of simpler times. In addition to this, the island also boasts many adventurous activities. You can go scuba diving in the beautiful coral reef, take a dhow cruise, or relax on the beach.

Nairobi National Park

Nairobi National Park is the heart and soul of Nairobi. It boasts a unique collection of wildlife, and the park is perfect for evening walks or family picnics. You can catch a glimpse of the black rhino, giraffes, ostriches, and many other exotic creatures.

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust rescues orphaned elephants and rhinos. According to the website, they have raised 265 orphaned elephants. You can visit the non-profit organization to spend time with the elephants and even feed the baby elephants.

Mount Kenya

Nature’s beautiful creation, Mount Kenya, is the tallest peak in Kenya and the second-highest in Africa (second to the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro). The towering Mount Kenya is a spectacle to admire. You can also take a camping trip and trek the various base camps for an adventure of a lifetime.

Hell’s Gate National Park

Located near Nairobi’s capital city, Hell’s Gate National Park is a fun and exciting place to visit for a one-day trip. The beautiful rock formations at the park were created by years of volcanic activity. You should check out the Hell’s Gate gorge, Fischer Tower, and Obsidian caves. In addition to the beautiful scenery, you can also see many wildlife animals.


Kenya is a fantastic destination for your action-packed adventure vacation. Read our Comprehensive Safari Guide for Kenya if you want to learn more about the region.


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