10 delicious dishes you should eat in Nairobi

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Nairobi is a well-known city in the country of Kenya of its prowess in athletics, and there’s more to Nairobi in another field besides sports, wildlife, and great sceneries. Being a country with a diversified community and cultures it’s time we showcased its food and delicacies. Each community has its preference of food that is usually their staple food and this makes them pros in its cooking. From the Kikuyu to the Pokomo these are some of the favorite dishes in Nairobi.


Cooked from boiled bananas or also fried along with potatoes matoke is served with soup in many restaurants. Originally a “Kisii” delicacy many prefer matoke for its nutritional value.


Ugali is most homes in Nairobi preferred food because of its ease in cooking, and its compatibility with many stews. It could literary be eaten alongside any meal. Best served with samaki and meat “Nyama Choma” Ugali comes from Maize flour that has been finely ground.


From a mixture of boiled maize with beans, that is again put through some work of craft, especially from the Kikuyu women this meal hits different when served with soup and meat.

Nyam Chom

Nyam Chom is a Maasai delicacy but with time many Kenyans have borrowed the skill for its perfect taste to lace ceremonies. Mostly done from boiled meat or even just directly heating piles of meats on charcoal where the meat is placed above on a grill.


A Swahili coastal dish that is cooked from rice and mixed with meat and other spices for its unique taste it is hard to find someone who would object to this meal, especially when topped up with kachumbari to go with it.


Kenya is one of the homes to fishing on a wide scale due to its many water bodies all across the nation you don’t want to miss a taste of tilapia that especially comes from the Lake Victoria basin. Varying from sizes and cooked to your preferred best Nairobi restaurants have it all.


Mostly referred to as sushi in many other countries I would like to think chapatis originated from Kenya for reasons only known to me. I haven’t ever had a visitor who had come to Nairobi not mention them along the conversation with a miss it persona and some final “Cook me some chapati when I come back. Cooked from flour and made into circles of 25 centimeters, chapattis are pan-fried and can be served with many other delicacies. Be sure to not miss this one on any Nairobi restaurant 100%.


Mostly topped up us deserts they are highly nutritive vegetables that come from different plants and can either be served or cooked in a mix or requested on preferred best. Most of them are known to aid proper food digestion and others are known for their aiding in blood multiplication, while others are best preferred for their medicinal value. Due to their high value, they are served in specific joints around the Nairobi city Comprehensive Safari Guide for Kenya.

Fried Chicken

In this big city, you won’t miss this one. Being one of the city dwellers’ favorite delicacies. It is cooked differently and as per your preference or order. Mostly served with chips, but can also go along with many other meals suggested above. This meal will leave you sucking your fingers and even yearning for more.


A very nutritious mix of carbohydrates with protein fried with soup Githeri is a mixture of Beans and maize and is mostly preferred as a simplistic meal with so many additives. Being one of the local’s most preferred meals it’s sure to get the best yummy githeri from the much-experienced cooks in Nairobi.

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