10 Lesser-Known East African Tours and Destinations

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East Africa is known for its authentic wilderness, endless forests and national parks, beautiful sceneries and stunning beaches! If you’re looking for out-of-the-ordinary places that you can visit on your East African trip, we’ve got you covered.

Here are 10 lesser-known East African Destinations that are worth a visit:


  1. Samatian Island, Kenya

Samatian Island is a beautiful, private island in Lake Baringo that makes for a perfect getaway. You’ll have the place all to yourself and you can go swimming, kayaking, and fishing.


  1. Chalbi Desert, Kenya

Walk on the sun-kissed coarse sand at Chalbi Desert, which is situated on the East of Lake Turkana. Head over to the Desert’s oasis, called Kalacha, where you can quench your thirst, unwind and rest under the palm trees.

You can spot the endangered grey zebras, oryx and hyenas here.


  1. Saiwa Swamp National Park, Kenya

Saiwa Swamp is Kenya’s smallest national park. It’s known for the rare Sitatunga Antelopes and De Brazza monkeys that you can spot here. It’s a stunning park with acacia and riverine forest.


  1. Lake Chala, Kenya

Lake Chala is a stunning crater lake located near the Tanzania-Kenyan border. Its color varies from blue to green at different times of the year. It’s a great place for birdwatching. You can also catch beautiful views of Africa’s roof, Mount Kilimanjaro from the Lake!


  1. Aberdare Mountain Ranges

The Aberdare Mountain Range is home to abundant elephant herds and the famous Melanistic Leopards (known for an increased production of the pigment melanin in their skins).

You’ll also come across beautiful forests and waterfalls while hiking the mountain ranges.


  1. Kitulo National Park

Kitulo National Park is the best place for a flora safari, with over 300 plant species spotted here! The Park blooms with colorful wildflowers for about 6 months. It’s the perfect place for a photoshoot amongst stunning flowers.


  1. Rubondo Island National Park

Rubondo Island National Park is a beautiful Lake Victorian paradise. You can spot chimpanzees, giraffes, elephants and many birds here. Don’t forget to go fishing in Lake Victoria! You can catch Nile perchs here.


  1. Udzungwa National Park

Home to breathtaking landscapes and stunning sceneries, Udzungwa National Park is known for its diversity of flora and fauna. The Iringa Red Colobus and Sanje Crested Mangabey are only found here! There are many hiking trails here for all types of fitness levels. Don’t forget to check out the Sanje Waterfalls!


  1. Pemba Island

Go scuba diving, have delicious seafood, relax at the beach and stroll through the Ngezi Forest Reserve at this stunning island. You’ll never get bored here because there’s something to do for everyone!

The Kidike Flying Fox Sanctuary and the Pemba Museum are also worth a visit.


  1. Selous Game Reserve

The mighty Selous is a hidden gem in Tanzania. Only a few tourists visit this secluded game reserve. It’s a pristine reserve unaltered by man, giving you an authentic East Africa experience! It’s filled with diverse wildlife to the brim.


So, what are you waiting for? Have a great time exploring these 10 lesser-known hidden gems in East Africa! Don’t forget to check out the Comprehensive Safari Guide for Kenya for more details.

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