10 Things To Do In Tanzania For Travellers Looking For Extra Value

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A trip to Tanzania is a wonderful experience, but there are some things that tourists can do to make their trip extraordinary and unforgettable. Taking part in these rewarding experiences can add extra value to your travels!

1. Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

Climbing the magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the best activities you can take part in during your vacation. Although it might sound difficult, the experience is suitable for those who are beginners at hiking. Once you climb up the mountain and see the stunning aerial views of the region, the effort becomes worth it. The mountain is the highest peak in Africa, and being able to climb it should be on your adventure bucket list.

Mount Kilimanjaro Amboseli Kenya

Mount Kilimanjaro Amboseli Kenya, Image Source: Greg Montani via Pixabay

2. Street Food at Stone Town

A cuisine is not just about food. It is an insight into the culture and lifestyle of a region. Tanzanian cuisine has Arabic, Indian, Turkish, Portugese, and Swahili influences, creating a diverse blend of cultures and flavors. At Stone Town, enjoy local foods such as Zanzibar pizza, sugarcane juice, octopus curry, Ugali and Nyama Choma (grilled meat), ginger tea, and biryani.

3. Witness the Great Migration

The Great Migration of two million wildebeests is one of the most spectacular sights of the region. Tourists can watch the herds cross the river, spot the newborns, or witness predators on prey action during the game season!

4. Meet the Maasai people

Meeting the Maasai people is a very enriching experience. You can meet with the village Chief, enjoy a walking tour, interact with locals, taste delicious traditional food, enjoy traditional singing and dancing performances, and learn local skills such as hunting, usage of local tools, and fire preparation!

Maasai People in Zanzibar Beach

Maasai People in Zanzibar Beach, Image Source: Bobesh23 via Pixabay

5. Spa Holiday at the Zanzibari

The Zanzibari is a boutique hotel on Nungwi Beach. It offers private, comfortable, well equipped rooms with stunning views, a bar, a pool, snack bars, and the spa, where you can enjoy a variety of de-stressing treatments such as soothing massages, manicures, skin care remedies, and pedicures.

6. Snorkel at Mnemba Atoll

The heavenly Mnemba Atoll is home to a stunning coral reef, and colorful marine creatures such as white moray eel, sea stars, and pufferfish. You can snorkel among the colorful reefs, or visit the marine park to find angelfish, lobsters, rays, garden eels, snappers, octopuses, flounders, scorpion fish, and dolphins!

7. Swim with dolphins at Kizimkazi

Another extraordinary experience is swimming with humpback and bottlenose dolphins at the pristine and tranquil Kizimkazi beach. The unique experience is magical and unforgettable.

Dhow in Zanzibar

Dhow in Zanzibar, Image Source: Nike159 via Pixabay

8. Enjoy a hot air balloon safari

Tanzania is known for its safaris, but a hot air balloon provides a bird’s eye view that is unique and memorable. A hot air balloon safari at the Serengeti allows you to spot zebras, rhinos, cheetahs, elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, gazelles, hyenas, lions, hippos, antelopes, jackals, and foxes, while being up in the sky!

Hot Air Balloon in Serengeti

Hot Air Balloon in Serengeti, Image Source: 18986 via Pixabay

9. Spot exotic birds at Arusha

Being close to nature is good for your soul. De-stress and relax at Arusha, where you can find breathtakingly beautiful birds such as woodpeckers, flamingoes, ducks, pelicans, buzzards, geese, guineafowl, herons, hornbills, parrots, and eagles.

Arusha National Park Momela Lakes

Arusha National Park Momela Lakes, Image Source: Timo Knöfel via Pixabay

10. Visit Saadani National Park

Saadani National Park is unique because you can enjoy a safari and a beach vacation at the same time! Situated right at the Indian ocean, this park offers an unmatchable experience as it is home to giraffes, elephants, warthogs, buffaloes, waterbucks, bushbucks, baboons, vervet monkeys, wildebeests, and lions!

We hope you can have an unforgettable and enriching trip!

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