10 Unique Experiences You Must Have In East Africa

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East Africa is a site you won’t want to miss on an African journey, with incredible animals in the vast savannah and stunning beaches along the eastern coast. Here is the list of 10 Unique Experiences You Must Have in East Africa

Beautiful Beaches

Many visitors come to Kenya to see the incredible animals, but they should also visit the white sand beaches. Kenya offers some of the world’s most stunning beaches, ideal for relaxing after a day of wildlife exploration.

Kenya’s most prominent beach, Diani Beach, is located about 25 kilometers south of Momsaba and is considered one of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Diani is a 12-kilometer stretch of beautiful white sands, shaded by tall palms and surrounded by the sparkling sea.

Remote, wild beaches with clear water may be found along the northern coast, including Kipungani Beach and Turtle Bay Beach. It is good to swim here because the sea is shallow and the water temperature is warm.

Visit Serengeti National Park

Nature’s mystery, majesty, and beauty surround you on the Serengeti’s enormous grasslands so that few other places can. One of the planet’s most impressive natural cycles occurs here. The wildebeest is the most famous and abundant, and their yearly migration is one of the Serengeti’s most popular attractions.

Visit Mt Kilimanjaro


Mount Kilimanjaro is reachable via Kenya and Tanzania. The summit view is regarded as one of the most breath-taking in the world. Even Queen Elizabeth used to go on vacations and climb Mount Kilimanjaro when she was younger.

Take a tour of Zanzibar.

Zanzibar is a paradise that hasn’t been tainted by civilization. Pemba and Mafia Islands are part of the Zanzibar Archipelago. You might even have a chance to swim with dolphins. Snorkeling is fantastic on these islands.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Kenya’s underwater ecosystem is just as enticing as its on-land counterpart. Lagoons and coral reefs abound along the country’s eastern shoreline, providing habitat for various marine species such as whale sharks, dolphins, swordfish, butterflyfish, turtles, and octopuses.

Diving or snorkeling up close to these incredible aquatic creatures is possible thanks to the calm water and good visibility.

Find the Source of the Nile.


Have you ever wondered where the Nile originates? Uganda is the birthplace of the world’s longest river, the Nile. This winding river rises from the continent, separates into the Blue and White Niles, and eventually converges with the Mediterranean Sea.

Hot Air Balloon Flight over the Maasai Mara

An early morning balloon ride over the Masai Mara plain could hardly be more captivating. The balloon steadily climbs above the vast savannah as the sun rises, providing stunning views.

Enjoy the early calm, except for occasional bursts of flame or the call of the wild, and if you’re lucky, marvel at herds of migrating wildebeests and be amazed by a black rhino wandering through the bush or a lion feasting on its meal. A balloon safari is relaxing and thrilling, and it is well worth the money.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

The Park is one of East Africa’s most known national parks; it is home to more than half of its surviving mountain gorillas.

The park is home to an estimated 340 gorillas and spans 331 square kilometers of unusually steep mountain rainforest, making Uganda’s most popular tourist destination.

Tour the Rwenzori Mountain and Its Surroundings

Uganda is dubbed the “Pearl of Africa” because of its lush green landscapes and architectural splendor. The Rwenzori Mountains run along Uganda’s and Congo’s shared border. Throughout the year, the range receives rain on a nearly daily basis.

You may need to travel south to Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park to view gorillas. This forest, located near Rwanda’s border, is dense and impenetrable, as its name suggests.

Ngorongoro Crater

Ngorongoro is among the world’s largest uninterrupted calderas, measuring 19 kilometers wide and covering 264 square kilometers. Predators and Prey stalk and graze their way in the grasslands, acacia woodland, wetlands, and on the crater floor, surrounded by sheer walls that rise 400 to 610 meters.


Due to its numerous scenic places, national parks, hiking, gourmet experiences, culture, and magnificent beaches, East Africa continues to be one of the most incredible places to visit.

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