2021 Travel Guide for Kenya

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After being locked in your house due to the unfortunate pandemic everyone had to endure, getting out for some fresh air and away from the stuffy atmosphere at home seems like a refreshing idea. Why not go all out and book a ticket to one of Africa’s tourist hotspots, known well for its breath-taking landscape and stunning creatures? That’s right, we’re talking about Kenya!

Although there will still be restrictions and regulations to prevent further spread of the coronavirus, they would have considerably loosened. Masks, social distancing rules and proper sanitization will still remain a priority throughout the entire journey, so be sure to have extra masks and sanitizers.


Make sure to conduct tests before and after your trip!


Where to Stay

Of course, your accommodation choice would vary with your destination, like the beautiful Manda Bay in Lamu and the luxurious Alfajiri in Diani Beach.

When browsing through the catalogs and deciding on where you will stay, make sure to note the precautionary measures that have been listed. If you do not abide by them you may be refused service.


Where to Eat

The Kenyan cuisine is filled with the meat of chicken and cows, but being close to the Indian Ocean also helped the locals develop a liking to seafood. Vegetarians do not need to worry as there are many vegan friendly dishes such as samosas and rice in coconut milk.

Some of the best local restaurants are the traditional seafood restaurant Tamarind in Mombasa and the cozy Café Bastani near the Lamu House Museum which serves hot tea, warm coffee and healthy light vegetarian dishes.


Best Time to Travel

Not only are the months of July to September the dry season in which more animals gather closer around ponds and lakes which increases your chances of catching some predator and prey action but also coincides with the Great Wildebeest Migration, the event in which millions of wildebeest along with zebras, gazelles and other such grazers travel between the Serengeti in Tanzania and the Masai Mara in Kenya. This would be the best time to visit, with the only downside being the increase of prices due to the crowds of tourists gathering to see the great spectacle.


Places to Go

The Masai Mara

It would be a crime to talk about Kenya and not mention the beautiful land called the Masai Mara which has the Masai Mara National Park – Kenya’s top tourist destination. It is where the herds in the Great Wildebeest Migration travel to and has formed some of Africa’s most diverse eco-systems. Lions rest on the warm rocks in the day while crocodiles and hippos battle for territory in the Mara River. There are some luxury camps to rest at such as the Mahali Mzuri.


Samatian Island

A small private island in Lake Baringo called Samatian Island is the perfect spot for a secret getaway with its soft and free atmosphere, making you feel free of any chains that may be tied to you by the stress and worries of daily life.

Wander around and find giraffes, hyraxes, impalas and more while heading to the island’s shore for a kayaking trip around the sandy beaches.


Lake Michaelson on Mount Kenya

Climbing Mount Kenya is a feat not all can accomplish, so if you do plan to make your way to the Point Lenana, do make sure to take your time to find the majestic Lake Michaelson right underneath.

It dips in a valley surrounded by green grass and rocks leading up to some of tallest points of the mountain.

With still waters it seems as smooth as glass, reflecting the sun and spreading its light like a mirror.


So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Kenya for a wonderful vacation!

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