5 Best Lakes in Kenya

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Kenya is one of the best tourist locations in the world. The beautiful country is home to spectacular wildlife, scenic landscapes, exotic birdlife, and stunning flora and fauna. Tourists can climb Mount Kilimanjaro, visit the glorious national parks, or enjoy a trip to the gorgeous lakes of the country. Here are the 5 best lakes that travellers can visit in Kenya!


  1. Lake Victoria

Covering 68,800 square kilometers, Lake Victoria is Africa’s largest lake, and is found in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. The second largest freshwater lake in the world, it is named after Queen Victoria! Tourists can spot mongooses, otters, reedbucks, shrews, waterbucks, and hippos. The scenic area is surrounded by gorgeous hills, a great view that tourists can enjoy from relaxing dhow rides. They can enjoy fresh seafood, or join the locals in fishing for the Nile Perch.


  1. Lake Nakuru

One of the greatest lakes of Kenya’s Rift Valley, Lake Nakuru is famous for its pink flamingos, and the amazing Lake Nakuru National Park, which is home to spectacular wildlife such as black and white rhinos, giraffes, warthogs, wild dogs, baboons, lions, cheetahs, zebras, impalas, African buffaloes, leopards, vervet and colobus monkeys, and waterbucks! Birdwatching is excellent, with the lake being home to starlings, weavers, fish eagles, storks, hammerkops, and yellow-billed pelicans! Travellers can also hike up to breathtaking Makalia Falls!


  1. Lake Bogoria

In the Rift Valley, tourists can visit the beautiful Lake Bogoria, a photogenic saltwater lake that is a protected national wetland reserve! The volcanic region has hot springs and geysers along the shore. Tourists can relax at the shore, spot the pink flamingos, or watch the erupting geysers. They can also visit the Lake Bogoria National Reserve which is a sanctuary for kudus, and a rare antelope.


  1. Lake Turkana

Another great lake of Kenya is Lake Turkana, the largest permanent desert lake in the world, the biggest alkaline lake of the region, and the fourth-largest salt lake in the world. Tourists can take a trip to the nearby Lake Turkana National Park or the Sibiloi National Park, both of which are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Visitors can find amazing animal life, including Nile crocodiles, hippos, the Turkana mud turtle, zebras, gazelles, and giraffes. Turkana Lake is abundant in fish such as puffer fish, tilapia, and Nile Perch.


  1. Lake Naivasha

Another great lake is Lake Naivasha, one of the two freshwater lakes in the Rift Valley. The land surrounding the lake is fertile and has lots of flowers and plants so tourists can enjoy the wonderful view of the natural beauty of the region. They can also spot wildlife such as giraffes, zebras, and hippos. They can take a boat trip to Crescent Island, where they can find the partial rim of a collapsed volcanic caldera. This tourist spot is home to buffaloes, waterbucks, giraffes, and birdlife such as ospreys, herons, and the African fish eagle.

The lakes of Kenya provide breathtakingly beautiful views, and are excellent spots for relaxing, going on boat rides, and enjoying picnics. Tourists can spot the stunning flora and fauna, enjoy fishing with the locals, and watch the scenic landscapes. These 5 best lakes of Kenya are must-see locations for travel lovers.

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