5 Budget Friendly Things to Do in Zanzibar

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The breathtakingly beautiful Zanzibar archipelago is one of the best tourist spots in East Africa. However, after the pandemic, the economies of the world have suffered and it might not be possible for travel lovers to enjoy an expensive trip. It is very easy to have an unforgettable vacation in Zanzibar even on a budget! Here are 5 budget friendly things that you can do in Zanzibar.

1. Swim in the crystalline waters at Jambiani Beach

For a budget trip, one can avoid hiring and paying guides by finding information about local areas and people. One can go to the pristine Jambiani Beach to spot stunning marine creatures such as sea cucumbers, starfish, and sea urchins! Guests can take part in exciting activities such as kayaking or snorkelling, or simply go swimming in the cool waters. After a refreshing swim, travellers can relax at the sandy beach and watch the glorious sunset, blue ocean, or lush green vegetation. One can interact with the friendly locals, and enjoy delicious and fresh seafood!

Jambiani Beach

Dhow at Zanzibar Beach, Image Source: klimentgrozdanoski via Pixabay

2. Eat at Forodhani Night Market

A great way to save up on money is to avoid eating at expensive restaurants and international fast food chains. Instead, visitors can enjoy the street food which is delicious and provides an authentic insight into the culture of the region. Zanzibar has a rich heritage, and the mouthwatering cuisine has Swahili, Indian, Portugese, Turkish, Arabic, British, and German influences! With Zanzibar also being known as the Spice Island, these foods contain a mix of delicious spices such as turmeric, cinnamon, peppers, coriander, vanilla, garlic, ginger, cardamom, nutmeg, cumin, and lemongrass. Famous dishes available at the beautiful at lively Forodhani Night Food Market at Stone Town are biryani (rice with spices), Chipsi Mayai (potato fries with eggs), Nyama Choma (marinated barbecue of lamb, chicken, or beef), Kuku Paka (curry), chapati (bread), Uji (porridge), Muhogo (deep fried cassava), Mshikaki (meat skewers), and Ugali (a staple bread). One can also enjoy drinking Urojo soup, ginger tea, Zanzibar tea, sugarcane juice, and coconut bean soup. Watching the food being prepared is also a unique and amazing experience.

3. Explore Stone Town

Moving around Stone Town is affordable as one can use cheap public transport such as minibuses called Dala Dalas. Visitors can walk around the town’s winding streets and busy marketplaces. It is important to learn about the rich heritage and history of the country one is visiting, so a trip to the Old Fort is essential, as it was once built by the Portugese. Tourists can visit the old Persian Baths, or take a boat to Prison Island where they can find the giant tortoises, explore ancient ruins, and learn about the slave trade, all in cheap and easily affordible prices!

Zanzibar Stone Town Slave Island

Zanzibar Stone Town Slave Island, Image Source: Олег Дьяченко via Pixabay

4. Relax at Nungwi Beach

At Nungwi beach, it is easy to find cheap but comfortable accommodation. The stunning beach offers scenic views of swaying palm trees, crystalline waters, white sands, and vivid greenery. The vibrant beach is a tranquil and serene location, and acts as the perfect place to unwind and relax. One can connect with nature and escape the crowds and hassle of everyday life. Activities like kitesurfing and diving can be enjoyed and visitors can swim all day! The beach is small and private. The water is crystal clear so one can even see the fish swimming in the sea!

Nungwi Beach

Zanzibar Beach Hotel Palm, Image Source: Олег Дьяченко via Pixabay

5. Witness a Fish Auction at Darajani Market

To immerse themselves in the culture of a tourist location, visitors must partake in and appreciate local activities and lifestyles. Guests must join the fish auction at Darajani Market, which is a free but unique experience. Every afternoon, locals bargain on fish prices till the best price wins. Tourists can witness the competition and excitement, and explore the lively market. It is a great idea to buy souvenirs and keepsakes after negotiating prices with the shopkeepers, so one can avail the best price, keep beautiful and memorable items, and support the local economy. The busy, lively market is free to visit, but provides an extraordinary experience that is unforgettable for the tourists and helps them understand local lifestyles.

We hope this guide can help you plan a budget trip to this stunning island.

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