5 Most Gorgeous Lakes in Tanzania

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Many people visiting Tanzania know the country for its amazing wildlife, plains, and island in Zanzibar. However, many more can be traced to Tanzania that goes unnoticed by many of you, such as gorgeous lakes. While getting into mountains and natural habitats in the country, you miss a lot if you fail to visit the Tanzania lakes for the most fantastic site, wildlife, and peace. This article will highlight the five most gorgeous lakes in Tanzania worthy of a visit.

What Are the Most Gorgeous Lakes in Tanzania?

Lake Tanganyika

Lake Tanganyika is the most spectacular lake in Tanzania, with a lot to offer if you pay a visit. Worthy knowing, the uniqueness of Lake Tanganyika is that it’s the second oldest freshwater lake, second in-depth, and second in capacity across the world.

If that is not enough, Lake Tanganyika cuts across four countries, including Burundi, Congo, Zambia, and Tanzania. Lake Tanganyika draws the border between Congo and Tanzania. Various islands surround the lake; you can get a boat to get deeper into the lake to get a fantastic view.

Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi serves three countries, including Mozambique, Tanzania, and Malawi. The lake is around 570 kilometers in length. In Africa, Lake Malawi is the lake that contains the most number of fish and not only fish, but there are also some other wild animals in the lake such as monkeys, African fish eagles, crocodiles, and hippopotamuses. At the southern part of the lake, a national park called Lake Malawi National Park hosts much wildlife. Due to the beauty that forms part of this lake, you need to organize a visit.

Lake Natron

In the East African Rift, Lake Natron forms the large saltwater lake that stretches to 57 Kilometers. The depth of the lake varies and therefore if you go swimming you should be watchful.

The color of the water looks red-blue to the top levels of evaporation hence making it take the copper color, which is rare in many lakes across the world. Lake Natron does not have a lot of wildlife, but some flamingos, birds, and fish are observable sometimes. All these features make Lake Natron among the most gorgeous lakes in Tanzania.


Lake Eyasi

The spectacular birdlife of Lake Eyasi and cultural interactions with the Datoga and Hadzabe tribes have made it a famous lake in Tanzania.

The lake is situated in Tanzania’s Ngorongoro highlands and is surrounded by purple volcanic walls covering extensive white alkaline shallows. Pelican, stork, Fischer’s lovebird, spurfowl, and flamingo are among the birds that may be seen in Lake Eyasi. The giant palm trees that line the shoreline of Lake Eyasi attract all of these species.

The beauty created by the birds along the lake’s beaches fluctuates with the seasons and rainfall; thus, the lake is even more spectacular from June to November when the flamingos and pelicans arrive to breed.

Lake Rukwa

Lake Rukwa is located in Tanzania’s Kitavi National Park. In terms of size, it is Tanzania’s fourth-largest lake. The lake is home to various reptiles, hippos, and large crocodiles. You’ll see different birds, including flamingos, ibis, African skimmers, and pelicans. A beautiful grassland and papyrus swamp flow through Kitavi National Park, leading to the mouth of the lake, where masked weavers seek prey, making the lake more attractive.


The above are just a few of the lakes found in Tanzania. More lakes in Tanzania include Lake Victoria, Lake Nyasa, Lake Chala, Lake Manyara, etc. To enjoy the beauty offered by these lakes in Tanzania, you can book a trip with TripIndigo. Learn more about the most gorgeous lakes in Tanzania.



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