8 Best Things to do in Kenya for an Amazing Holiday

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Kenya is a unique, beautiful, and culturally rich country that offers breathtaking moments. Visiting Kenya can be life-changing, and many tourists have felt that visiting Kenya was one of the best decisions they have ever made.

Travelling can take you on a journey of self-discovery and learning about life. You can do so many things in Kenya to reconnect with nature and yourself to leave their mark when you return home. If you are want to visit Kenya, here are 8 of the best things you can do for an amazing holiday.

1.             Chill Out at Diani Beach

Diani Beach is not only serene and beautiful. It borders the Indian Ocean, making it one of the unique beaches in the world. Its white sandy beach, pristine waters, and breathtaking views of the mighty Indian Ocean will draw you in immediately. If you love beaches and the ocean, this is one place that you may never want to leave.


2.             Walk the Streets of Lamu

Lamu is a UNESCO World Heritage City and is considered to be the oldest Swahili town. The walled city is a historical journey, and walking through the streets will leave you amazed at how this town operated. Furthermore, no cars are allowed in Lamu, which makes it all the more peaceful. You will also see the children playing in the streets wearing their traditional clothes and the many aromatic smells of the local cuisines.


3.             Gaze at the Spectacular Bioluminescence in Kilifi

You can experience the natural bioluminescence phenomenon in Kilifi. If you are not aware of bioluminescence, imagine the water glowing a blue colour in the dark. It is a majestic sight that will leave you awestruck. The water glows blue at night because of the plankton that lives in the ocean. You can enjoy a romantic stroll along the coast or stare at this unique phenomenon.


4.             Take a Bicycle Tour Through Hell’s Gate

Hell’s Gate National Park is a spectacular place to visit while in Kenya. Located near Nairobi, Hell’s Gate offers diverse wildlife, scenery, and breathtaking natural beauty. You will be cycling through the park, riding adjacent to zebras, girrafes, and the other animals that live at this reserve. The park also has specially designated tracks for bicycle tours.


5.             Trek Mount Kenya

Visiting Mount Kenya is a must because it is spectacular. The mountain’s sheer size and beautiful landscape will draw you in for an adventure of a lifetime. You can take many guided tours, and you do not necessarily have to climb to the highest peak to cross this one off your bucket list.


6.             Stay at the Starbeds Safari Camp

The starbeds safari camps in the Loisaba Conservancy are a unique and luxurious experience. The camps offer four-poster beds with wheels, rolled out onto wooden decks, and placed in spectacular views so you can gaze at the stars all night and enjoy a unique view as the sun rises. You will not find a stay or camp like this anywhere else in the world.

7.             Dive into the Indian Ocean

Coming back to the Indian Ocean, diving into the Indian Ocean is a must if you love exploring life underwater. You can visit iani, Shimoni, or Tiwi, where you can find many diving tour operators. Visit the Marine National Park as well. It is home to dolphins, whales, sea turtles, and over 250 different species of tropical fish.


8.             Take an Aerial Safari

If you thought exploring Kenya’s national parks in a jeep was a thrill, imagine flying over these breathtaking game reserves from the air. Many tour operators in the region offer air safaris that provide you with spectacular ariel views of Kenya’s natural beauty. Also, watching giraffes, gazelles, zebras, and the many other species that live in Kenya will captivate you.


Kenya offers so many unique adventures. We have listed only but a few of the unique adventures you can take while in Kenya. If you feel this list is not enough and want to learn more about Kenya, then our Five Must Do’s in Kenya.

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