A Local’s Guide to Getting the Best of Zanzibar in 3 Days – Updated 2022

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Do you want to go to Zanzibar for only three days? We have a local guide to help you while you plan. Zanzibar is a tropical island with turquoise waters, white powdered sand beaches, and palm trees. It’s a Tanzanian semi-autonomous area on the coast, with its history and culture. It seems like another universe, providing a distinct cultural experience and a serene setting for sheer relaxation.

In this article, we have a local guide to getting the best of Zanzibar in 3 days.

What Are Some Places to Visit in Zanzibar in 3 days?

Stone Town

Stone town is the capital of Zanzibar, and it’s known for its richness in the cultural heritage of Arabs, Persians, Europeans, and Indians.

What to do in Stone Town?

Visiting local markets

Darajani is the main market in Stone Town where the locals carry out their business. Visiting the market allows you to encounter many cultures while viewing the local commodities and spices.

Visiting Prison Island

Prison Island was originally utilized as a place for the imprisonment of disobedient slaves and persons with terrible diseases but is now transformed into a tourism destination. The Island is majorly known for its enormous tortoises.

Eat at Forodhani Gardens

If you are a lover of street food, then Forodhani night market is the place to go. The place offers one of the cheapest and best eateries in the town. Some of the common stands have samosas, seafood, and grilled vegetables.

Experience Persian styled hotels

The unique feature of Stone town is the stately colonial architecture in the area. Every structure in the town has a unique and distinctive character that gives you a chance to experience varied Persian-styled hotels.  It’s like walking through a live museum of furniture, paintings, and oriental artifacts.

Paje Beach

Paje is one of the popular beaches in Zanzibar due to its host of sporting activities.

What to do at Paje beach?


Kitesurfing is one of the most enjoyable activities you can engage in while in Zanzibar. Zanzibar became known as one of the best kitesurfing destinations in Africa due to its consistent winds and large shallow lagoons.

Reef walk

It’s preferable to go exploring the farther reef during low tide. You get to see starfish, octopuses, and sea cucumbers during the walk.

See wildlife in Jozani Forest

If interested in wildlife, you can get into Jozani wildlife to see sykes monkeys, colobus monkeys, butterflies, and birds.


Nungwi boasts the nicest beaches in Zanzibar for swimming because the tide does not go out too far. It can give you an amazing experience in your 3-days trip to Zanzibar.

What to do at Nungwi/Kendwa?

Sunset Dhow cruise

Dhow is incredibly used as a means of transport and fishing. Therefore, you can organize a Dhow cruise in Nungwi to enjoy the sunset in the evening.

Seafood dinner

Nungwi offers a wide variety of seafood alternatives. Every restaurant has a fresh fish vendor, making it an ideal location for prawn or lobster meals.

What to Eat in Zanzibar?


Biryani is one of the most common dishes in Zanzibar. It involves rice cooked with various spices and then served alongside meat or fish curry.

Chips Mayai

They can also be called French fries omelette. They are served with mishkaki skewers or chili.

Zanzibar pizza

It consists of a thin dough ball topped with ingredients such as chicken or beef, a vegetable mixture, an egg, and cheese.

Pilau rice

Pilau is a dish made up of rice, meat, and spices that have been cooked together. It’s drier than biryani, but it’s also more flavorful.


If you want to visit Zanzibar for three days, the local guide above will help you. To book your Zanzibar trip, reach out to TripIndigo.









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