Take In All Kenya Has To Offer With These 7 Wonders

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Kenya is considered one of the most popular countries for travellers who are interested in going off the path. Kenya has so much to see and explore on a relatively small territory, with a short plane ride connecting you to all sorts of adventures. 

There are 60 national parks, so tourists come here for a photo safari, to watch the animals, extreme trips along the boundless savannah. Every year during the great animal migration, all Kenyan National Parks become an arena for a unique natural phenomenon. The big drawcard is the almost 2 million zebras, gazelles, wildebeests move to Tanzania. 

Those animals search for food and water. And they are followed by lions, cheetahs, leopards, and other predators and is a sight to see. Kenya also has more than 120 square kilometres of beaches with sparkling white sand. In the resorts of Watamu, Mombasa, Lamu, Malindi, you can sunbathe, go diving and enjoy the unusual local cuisine. 

Sound interesting enough? If you're in search of vacation ideas that aren't well known and are also once in a lifetime opportunities, then check out our list below.

1. Mount Kenya

A natural monument of national importance, the second highest peak in Africa (about 5300 meters above sea level). On the slopes of the mountain, there is a national park, which is inhabited by crested antelopes, buffalos, and elephants. 

The foot of Mount Kenya is where the river Tana begins its journey, which is the most full-flowing river in Kenya. At different heights, you will see tropical forests, bamboo thickets, olive groves, fern thickets, and even groups of cedar pines. 

2. Fort Jesus

You can find this fort in the city of Mombasa, and it is one of the city's main attractions. The fort was built by Portuguese settlers at the end of the 16th century. It was used for defence against hostile African tribes, and Turkish invaders. 

Many times the Arabs tried to take over the fort. This fortress is very well located, and over time it became the best harbour of the whole continent. Nowadays, there is a big museum within the walls of the fortification. 

3. Hell's Gate National Park

One of the few Kenyan parks where you can get on without a guide. Exploring the Hells Gate National Park territory, you can walk, travel by car, ride a bicycle, and even set up campground in unique places. 

The park received this name because of the gorge. Rocks located along the edges of this gorge form a very narrow passage. Because of that, Thompson and Fisher, two researchers who worked here in the past, named it "Hell's Gate." 

4. Watamu National Marine Park

This national park is located on the coast of the Indian Ocean north of Mombasa. The Watamu ecosystem is very diverse. It consists of coral reefs, coastal mangroves, turtles, various types of fish, shellfish, and marine "reptiles." This marine park is a trendy diving spot. You can rent a boat and a diving instructor there. 

5. Lake Victoria

A sizeable African lake not too far from Mwanza, which plays a significant role in the life of the continent, since partly it belongs to Kenya, and the rest of it belongs to neighbouring countries. 

Victoria contains most of the freshwater that supplies the whole of Africa, giving rise to many rivers. The Kenyan shore of the lake is not as popular with tourists. Here you can also go fishing, boating or watching crocodiles without facing thousands of tourists. 

6. Thomson's Falls

It is named after its discoverer, the Scottish naturalist, and traveller. It is almost 80 meters high. The waterfall is 60 km away from Lake Nakuru, and it is part of the Iwasa River. Locals call it Nyahururu. Tourists are attracted by many hippos that live not far away from Thompson.

7. Lamu Island 

This is the largest island of the archipelago. It consists of 3 islands: Pate, Mandu, Lamu, Kivayu, and several other small islands. There is a large marine national park where exotic marine inhabitants live. 

People first appeared on the Lama in the fourteenth century. These were Swahili people. Until now, donkeys, like hundreds of years ago, are the primary means of transportation on the islands.

Travellers tip! For more on exploring Lamu check out our posts about the best activities in Lamu and the best beaches in Lamu and finally why you should spend your festive season in Lamu.


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