Nairobi’s Hostel & Backpackers Guide for Travelers on a Budget

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Travelling on a budget but want to experience the authentic culture of Nairobi? If you don't mind sacrificing creature comforts, we recommend cutting costs for accommodation and saving your money for adventures.

Checking in at Hostels and Backpackers lodges give you great value for your money and are usually centrally located. If you looking for cheap accommodation in Nairobi, why not check out the backpackers' circuit?

What is Backpacking?

Backpacking is a fun and entertaining mode of travelling where you get to share a room with other solo travellers or backpackers. While backpacking, you visit your favourite destination, settle in inexpensive lodges, and assimilate with the local culture. It saves you money, provides you more of the “native” experience, and gives you a fascinating solo experience.

How do Backpackers and Hostels work?

Hostels in Nairobi provide a much cheaper alternative to traditional hotels. Hostel rooms are built just like college dorms and can accommodate even more than 10 backpackers at a time! This makes the hostels pretty cost-friendly.  

Moreover, hostels can vary greatly in terms of space and facilities, so you can choose your hostel according to your needs. Hostels usually differ in size, facilities, quality and environment. They may have a quiet vibe or a party-like atmosphere, so don’t forget to check out the type of hostel you’re heading over too!

Most hostels provide the option for online booking so that you can book your hostel accommodation in advance.  

What Type of Travelers is this Setup Most Suited for?

Although every enthusiastic should experience backpacking at least once, backpacking is most suitable for those who like to experience a place in its originality and are on a solo trip. Rather than being offered a packaged version, hostels and backpackers provide tourists exposure to the locals and an opportunity to learn more about the culture and traditions of a place. 

Tips for Keeping Belongings Safe

Of course, living in a room with a few strangers means you need to have some security checks in place to make sure your belongings are kept safe. Backpackers in Nairobi should follow the following tips to keep their belongings safe:

  • Keep your essentials in the backpack while on the move – do not leave them back at the hostel.
  • Add a doorstop to your hostel’s room to prevent any intruders from breaking in.
  • Keep your valuables safe by locking them to an immovable object through a cable lock.
  • Always keep your cash divided – you should always be prepared for unfortunate circumstances.

Cheap Backpackers and Hostels in Nairobi

1. Flora Hostels

Address: Fifth Ngong Avenue, P.O.Box 49865, Nairobi
Contact Number: +254 20 2723013
Google Star Rating: 4.2
Website link:

Flora Hostel

Double Room Flora Hostels, Image Source: FloraHostel.Com

2. Havenna Hostel 

Address: Ole Sangare Road Madaraka Estate MF26, Nairobi, Kenya
Contact Number: +254 722 416058
Google Star Rating: 3.8

3. Kibra Hostels

Address: Kibera Dr, Nairobi
Contact Number: +254 710 599797
Google Star Rating: 3.7
Website link:

Kibra Hostel

Double Room Kibra Hostel, Image Source: Booking.Com

4. Manyatta Backpackers

Address: Milimani Rd Nairobi City KE
Contact Number: +254 702 930009
Google Star Rating: 3.9
Website link:

Manyata Backpackers

Manyata Backpackers Restaurant, Image Source: ManyattaBackPackers.Com

5. Milimani Backpackers

Address: Langata Rd, Nairobi
Contact Number: +254 718 919020
Google Star Rating: 3.7
Website link:

Milimani Backpackers

Milimani Single Room,

6. Mirvin Hostel

Address: Mokoyeti Rd W, Nairobi
Contact Number: +254 723 713732
Google Star Rating: 3.8
Website link:

Mirvin Hostel

Mirvin Hostel Restaurant, Image Source: Mozello.Com

7. Rainbow Downtown Hostels

Address: Mfangano St, Nairobi
Contact Number: +254 731 586666
Google Star Rating: 4.0
Website link: None

8. YMCA Nairobi Central Hostels

Address: Nairobi Central Hostel, P.o. Box 63063 – 00200, Nairobi
Contact Number: +254(0)20 2724116/7 
Google Star Rating: 3.9
Website link:

YMCA Nairobi Central Hostel

YMCA Hostel, Image Source: AfroTourism.Com

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