Beaches and Islands to Visit in Zanzibar

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Whether you are heading to Zanzibar directly or looking for somewhere to unwind after an exciting tour around Tanzania, the soft breezes and beautiful Indian Ocean will pull you straight into zen mode.

The stunning archipelago of Zanzibar is made up of many islands surrounding its main Island but casually referred to as Zanzibar, although this connection is wrong. Zanzibar is the name of the archipelago while the main island’s name is Unguja.

The archipelago consists of splendid beaches and shores that have a lot of activities to offer


Beaches of Zanzibar


Michamvi Beach

With two different beach resorts named Michamvi-Pingwe which lies on the eastern side and Michamvi-Kee on the western side, the long stretches of soft pale sand sparkling under the warmth of the sun are just waiting to be explored!

Even though the Michamvi beach feels more like a special secret whispered through the wind with its peace and quiet, it still hosts many fun activities, including, but not limited to, sunbathing just a few steps away from a lush green canopy or scuba diving in the enchanting lagoon with the cliffs towering over hidden coves filled with vibrant corals.


Nungwi Beach

Nungwi is one of Zanzibar’s most famous and popular beaches – and rightfully so, its boisterous and electrifying atmosphere causing an addictive rush of adrenaline. With its multitudes of restaurants, bars and resorts, Nungwi Beach practically ticks off all the requirements for a perfect night out.

If parties are not your thing, then this is still worth a visit, if just to get a chance to swim and snorkel in the awestriking reefs alongside dolphins, sea turtles and – if you’re lucky enough and happen to visit at the right time of the year – friendly majestic whale sharks, too!


Islands of Zanzibar



The biggest and main island of the Archipelago of Zanzibar, colloquially known as Zanzibar, is actually called Unguja and is home to the endemic Red Colobus Monkey. With pristine beaches stretching across its coastline and tropical forests taking hold of it, this island is home to many different types of creatures.

In Unguja also lies Stone Town – known as Mji Mkongwe – which is filled with some of the friendliest and most hospitable people. It is a rich mix of culture from many different parts of the world including Arabian, Indian European and Persian cultures, reflecting the Island’s interesting history.


Mnemba Island

The third biggest island from the ones that surround Unguja is the private island, Mnemba, which can be rented for the perfect remote getaway. Tall palm trees waving in the gentle breeze, arching over shining sandy shores – a sanctuary where endangered sea turtles can nest – and reaching out towards crystalline waters, a picture perfect view and a beauty not many have been able to see.

Even without having to rent the island, the coral reefs that stretch outwards and offshore are open for the public to swim around and go snorkeling in the beautiful blue water.


 Changuu Island

Also known as Prison Island, Changuu Island lies just west of the main island of Unguja and has a rich history, serving as a prison at one point then later being transformed into a yellow fever quarantine zone to now being a beautiful destination that should definitely make it to most – if not all – people’s ‘Must Visit’ lists.

Roaming on this pretty paradise are giant land tortoises and little butterflies fluttering around with their wings creating a swirl of colour decorating the air – a direct parallel to the exotic coral reefs that spread around the seabed.


So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Zanzibar and have a fun and exciting time at its beaches! Don’t forget to check out the Guide on Flying in East Africa to make your trip a lot easier.


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