8 Pictures of Malindi that will Take Your Breath Away

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If there’s one word that best describes Malindi, it has to be “paradise.” And even paradise is an understatement! If you’re looking for a destination where you can have a laid-back holiday, chilling and the sun, then Malindi is the ideal Kenyan location for you!

If you can't believe it, don't take our word for it. Let the local sites and spots speak for itself! Here are 10 pictures of Malindi that will take your breath away:

8 Instagram Images That Capture the Magic of Malindi

1. The Magnificent Coast by IG: @Adventuresingh

Enjoy diving into the water at this stunning and scenic Malindi Beach! The contrast between the land and the water captured in this photo is truly beautiful, to say the least. Dipping your feet in the water as the water brushes up against the shore is a calming and unforgettable experience!

The wonderful coast

The wonderful coast Malindi, Image Source: @adventuresingh via Instagram.com

2. Bliss by IG:@Vaidileas

Enjoy soaking your feet in the white sand covered by the shadow of palm trees on this beautiful and picturesque beach at Malindi! The soft sand and the swishing sound of water will give a peaceful escape from your busy routine!


Sunbathing Tourist, Image Source: @Vaidileas via Instagram.com

3. The Calm Before the Storm by IG: @Yaamoses

Boating in the warm water of the Indian Ocean is an unforgettable and adventurous experience! It makes you realise how magnificent and amazing nature really is! Let the clouds and the ocean wash away all your sorrows here.

The Calm Before the Storm

Sandy Beach, Image Source: @Yaamoses via Instagram.com

4. Leopard Point Resort Malindi by IG: Adventuresingh

Have a luxurious holiday at this beautiful Malindi resort! Plan a trip to Malindi to enjoy a holiday at this paradise of a place. It’s a beautiful place where you get to soak under the sun and have fun while you’re at it!

Leopard Point Resort Malindi

Leopard Point Resort Malindi Swimming Pool, Image Source: @Adventuresingh via Instagram.com

5. Amazing Sunset View by IG:@BlackIsGold1

Watch as the sun sets and lights up the sky with its various colours! Shades of pink, purple, blue, grey, orange and yellow can be seen! Watching the sun by the ocean is a lovely and beautiful experience that you don’t want to miss out on!

Amazing Sunset View

Amazing Sunset View, Image Source: @BlackIsGold1 via Instagram.com

6. Greenery at its Best by IG: @AlyaAlharazi

This picture shows just a fraction of the magnificence greenery you can find in Malindi. It’s truly a paradise on Earth! It’s a great place to spend your holidays for a summer retreat with your family.

Greenery at its best

Greenery at its best, Image Source: @AlyaAlharazi via Instagram.com

7. Fly Away by IG: @PurityDhahabu

Malindi is home to some exotic bird species; a treat for any avid birder! Plan your next holiday in Malindi and enjoy the spectacular views!

Fly Away

Fly Away, Image Source: PurityDhahabu via Instagram.com

8. Splashing Waves by IG: @PurityDhahabu

There’s something intensely relaxing in the splashing of water by the shore. The waves hit the coast and keep bouncing back and forth, while you sit there and enjoy the fantastic view of the ocean!

Splashing Waves

Splashing Waves, Image Source: @PurityDhahabu via Instagram.com

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