The Most Magnificent Lakes Flowing Through Tanzania

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Tanzania is one of the most beautiful vacation destinations in the world for nature lovers and those keen on exploring the world’s diversity! Here, visitors can visit a range of landscapes, enjoy unique experiences, from hot air balloon rides and jeep or walking safaris to kayaking and scuba diving. Choose to interact with rich cultures, or observe countless species of flora and fauna, there is something for every type of traveller in Tanzania.

Tanzania is also home to some of Africa’s and the worlds largest and most beautiful lakes. With a diverse range of wildlife and birds all making their homes around these magnificent lakes, the shores are often filled with hustle and bustle of the indigenous African creatures frolicking in the water.

Here are the most beautiful lakes worth visiting on your travels through Tanzania.

11 Lakes You Have To Visit On Your Travels Through Tanzania

1. Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is one of the African great lakes and its biggest by area. Covering over 59000 sq km, its waters are shared by Tanzania (49%), Uganda (45%) and Kenya (6%). It is home to 985 islands. This freshwater lake has more than 200 species of beautiful fish!

Tanzania’s Rubondo Island National Park with Rubondo Island is one of the Islands located on Lake Victoria. Here you can experience breathtakingly beautiful views, an incredible range of wildlife including hippos and crocodiles and Exciting attractions such as the open-air Sukuma museum; where visitors can see spectacular examples of the local culture, and witness the Bulabo Dance festival in June.

Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria, Image Source: @Reinout Dujardin via Pixabay.Com

2. Lake Eyasi

Lake Eyasi is another stunning, saltwater lake in Tanzania. Located south of the Serengeti National Park, on the borders of Maswa Game Reserve and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, this lake is renowned for its colourful birdlife such as pelicans, storks, and flamingos. The perfect time to visit is from June to November when flocks of breeding pelicans and flamingos reach the lake.

3. Lake Tanganyika

This humongous freshwater lake holds the second position globally for being the oldest lake of its kind, largest by volume and the deepest. Lake Tanganyika is a great travel destination because it offers a wide range of exciting activities, such as snorkelling. Guests can find colourful fish and aquatic life, including over 250 species of the beautiful rainbow cichlid fish. The sandy shores and crystalline water adds to the beauty of this spectacular lake. The best time to visit is October, when it is at its warmest. Tourists may hire a boat to explore the beautiful lake.

4. Lake Nyasa

Lake Nyasa is found near Lake Baringo, and is called the 'Serengeti of Flowers' by botanists. It is also home to animals like hippos, crocodiles, and monkeys. These marine rich waters are ideal for water sports such as kayaking and sailing! Lake Nyasa is the 3rd largest lake in the Eastern Rift Valley and flows across 3 countries; Tanzania, Malawi and Mozambique, and is named differently in each of these locations. In Malawi Lake Nyasa is known as Lake Malawi while in Mozambique it is referred to as Lago Niassa.

5. Lake Manyara

Located in Lake Manyara National Park, this saline lake is home to many species of fish, especially catfish and tilapia, and over 400 species of birds including pelicans, flamingos, and storks. The best feature of the lake is the thousands of pink flamingos it. Guests can enjoy the unique views of the blue volcanic peaks and the giant baobab trees. This beautiful lake is considered "the crown jewel in Tanzania's lake system".

Lake Manyara, Tanzania

Lake Manyara, Tanzania, Image Source: @Zeljko Mihic via Pixabay.Com

6. Lake Chala

Lake Chala is a beautiful crater lake near Mount Kilimanjaro, whose color changes over the year, from emerald green to turquoise. The area is lush green and covered in flowers, shrubs and volcanic savanna grasslands. It is home to many exotic birds and fishes, and is perfect for swimming.

7. Lake Rukwa

Lake Rukwa covers a vast area of 2,600 square km and is found midway between Lake Nyasa and Tanganyika. The alkaline lake is surrounded by scenic views of green hills and islands, and is great for activities such as swimming. Tourists may take boats to go deeper into the lake.

8. Lake Jipe

On the kenyan-Tanzanian border, Lake Jipe is a location with rich biodiversity and a huge number of birds and fishes. This is the tenth largest lake in Tanzania and provides both beauty and serenity, and is therefore the perfect destination for someone seeking peace and relaxation.

Border of Kenya and Tanzania on the map

Border of Kenya and Tanzania on the map, Image Source: @SmallmanA via Pixabay.Com

9. Lake Burigi

The small Lake Burigi in Burigi Game Reserve is an admirable tourist destination, as it offers views of lush vegetation and green hills, as well as many species of animals and birds, such as pelicans, cranes, and egrets etc. Tourists may also spot a hippo here!

10. Lake Babati

Lake Babati is the perfect place to relax, or enjoy activities such as canoeing or swimming. Tourists can interact with friendly locals, relax in the warm sun, or spot hippopotamuses basking in the sunlight. As it is found in the Manyara region, a day trip can be, and should be, easily managed in any itinerary!

11. Lake Natron

The alkaline Lake Natron is a unique location in the Great Rift Valley. The environment is smouldering and hostile but the alkaline lake still houses an ecosystem of microorganisms that make the water look somewhat pink. The region is also home to flamingos, specifically the Lessor flamingos.

Flamingos at a Lake in Tanzania

Flamingos at a Lake in Tanzania, Image Source: @Roy Buri via Pixabay.Com

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