15 of the most Rocking Bars & Clubs in Dar es Salaam

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15 Best Bars & Clubs in Dar es Salaam

When you want to feel the pulse of any city at night, the best places to visit are the bars and clubs. Dar es Salaam has a good number of bars and clubs which would introduce you gallantly to the nightlife in the city. Here are some of our favourites:

1. High Spirit Lounge Bar

This bar is everything classy and chic. So, if you are looking to just unwind and relax from the stress of the day without the usual high decibels of some clubs, this open-air rooftop bar provides you with the perfect setting to do just that. You would not have to pass on the dancing fun as the disco light and great music would put you just in the right mood to bust some moves. They serve a Mediterranean cuisine and you would find nice selection beers and wines there.

High Spirit Lounge Bar

High Spirit Lounge Bar

2. SamakiSamaki

This place is a regular seafood restaurant which transforms into an upbeat bar from 10 pm upwards. If you are looking to get some wild carefree fun and interaction with locals, you will get a wonderful experience there. The music is trendy and if you love salsa, you would have a swell time trying out new steps with other night crawlers.



3. Level 8

This bar has a good view of the bay and the ocean. They offer only small chops and drinks and some great music. Their selection of drinks is quite varied. It would be great for a romantic night or a casual hang out with friends.

Level 8

Level 8

4. Jozi Lounge

Located off Kimweri Road, Jozi Lounge is a modern nightlife spot with high-energy for seasoned regulars and bar hoppers. It’s a perfect place for a night out with your friends or loved one. It features a variety of drinks, from beers, wine to spirits. There’s restaurant with a relaxed setting, which serves delicious meals for dinner. The lounge features karaoke nights and disco nights with vivid lights and a variety of musical selections from the DJ.

Jozi Lounge

Jozi Lounge

5. Coral Beach Club

The Coral Beach Club is located in the Best Western Coral Beach Hotel on the beachfront in the Indian Ocean bay. It offers a wide range of continental meals, seafood as well as an array of beers, wines, spirits, and cocktails. It’s a great spot to enjoy a relaxing time out while listening to some good music and watching the sunset in the ocean.

6. East 24 Bar & Grill

Situated on the Old Bagamoyo Road, Mikocheni, this bar is a very popular nightspot in the city. It is common to find a long line of cars parked outside its environs on weekends. Therefore, if you intend to visit, you should try to arrive early to ensure getting entry and making the most of the experience. The music is great and the small chops and drinks are also commendable.

7. Havoc Nightspot

This bar has a lovely ambience with a colourful interior and exterior. They have a nice and wide selection of wines and beers. Although the place tends to be crowded, activities are well monitored and your safety will not be at risk. The crowd at the bar are usually mature and decent. They also have an in-house DJ to play great music to get your dancing going.

Havoc Nightspo

Havoc Nightspot

8. Q Bar

This is one of the older bars in Dar es Salaam which has a cosier feel to its setting. Thus, if you are looking for a slow-paced night fun with a serene atmosphere, nice music, and inexpensive drinks, Q Bar would be a great choice for you. Its proximity to the Msasani Peninsula makes it a popular place to lodge as they also have hotel rooms.

9. The Slow Leopard

True to its name, this bar has a tranquil ambience which would help you relax while you follow your favourite sport on the big screen. Their burgers are popular with regular night stoppers and it is a common spot for the expat crowd. They have a nice selection of affordable beers and wines. It is the ideal place for an intimate or buddy hangout.

 The Slow Leopard

The Slow Leopard

10. The Waterfront Sunset Restaurant & Beach Bar

This is the perfect venue to enjoy a beach experience at night. They serve a range of fish, meat, and vegetarian chops. They also have a selection of fine cocktails and wines. The bar features great music which ranges from hip-hop to reggae and RnB. You are likely to have a fun and relaxing experience at this bar.

The Waterfront Sunset Restaurant

The Waterfront Sunset Restaurant

11.  Zens Bar & Restaurant

Zens bar serves as a decent introduction to Dar es Salaam nightlife with a tranquil atmosphere and friendly staff. It offers a wide range of drinks in its bar and serves an array of delicious meals in its restaurants. If you’re up for some drinks without expecting anything too fancy, Zens Bar might just be a place of choice for you. 

12. Triniti Guest House, Bar & Restaurant

Located in OysterBay, this bar is a favourite with both locals and expats. The simplicity of its surroundings makes it even more special. It’s more like a semi-open air shed where you can have an evening out with friends or family as you sip on your drink and munch on their finger bites. They also offer some great steak and fish dishes. The music is usually cool and hip.

13.  Ambiance Bar & Night Club

This is another spot to feel the active pulse of the city. The club is usually busy at night and has great music going on. Their food is extremely tasty for a bar; their fried chicken is a favourite with clients. They have a secure parking space and there is also an outdoor seating area.

14.  O'Donovan's Reggae Bar

While this may not be the best place to go if you are looking for a chic and luxurious setting, it is definitely the spot to get some lively indigenous fun in the heart of Dar es Salaam. You should totally visit if you are a lover of Reggae music. They have chilled drinks and the food is great too.


O'Donovan's Reggae Bar

15.  Elements

Elements is a Lebanese/Indian regular restaurant during the day that transforms into a bar and nightclub scene in the night. The restaurant is a bit small-spaced; so it gets really crowded on weekends. They serve a variety of cocktails and other drinks. They are famous for having the best music in the city on weekends. However, if you intend to visit more for the food, a weekday would more advisable to get quality service.



Where Will Your Pub Crawl Take You?

Dar has so many ricking bars and clubs to offer that it make's it really hard to choose the best. We'd love to hear from you so let us know which spots you think make the best night out! 

Share your experience with us!  Tag us in your @Tripindigo on your social posts #EastAfricaRocks or pop us a line on social@tripindigo.com.

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