10 Best Beaches in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

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There is nothing as amazing as spending some time on a beautiful beach during a holiday or weekend break. Tanzania is blessed with an abundance of picturesque beaches that locals and travellers from across the world flock to. Even though some of the best beaches in the country are located in Zanzibar and some smaller islands, we’re pretty fortunate to have some great beaches in Dar es Salaam that will take your breath away.

With long stretches of sand-covered coastline, our beaches can still guarantee beach lovers some great experiences. With many great beaches in the city, it’s almost difficult to choose the best. In no particular order, here are the 10 best beaches in Dar es Salaam you should not miss.

1. Mbezi Beach

Mbezi Beach, Dar es Salaam - Tanzania

Mbezi Beach is located about 20 km north of the city centre, along Bagamoyo Road. The pristine beach is an untouched paradise, an idyllic coastal playground, and a great diving location. Mbezi beach is in close proximity to Karibu art gallery, some shops, an international school and some luxurious accommodation.

With the variety of things to do and see, the beach is one of the most varied locations in the city, enjoyed by both locals and expatriates.

2. Coco Beach

Coco Beach, Dar es Salaam - Tanzania

CoCo Beach| Living the inspiration

Featuring a lively atmosphere, Coco beach presents a perfect avenue for everyone to enjoy the ocean. Idyllic with stretches of almost clean sand, the popular beach on the east side of the Msasani peninsula is a favourite for both tourists and locals. It’s the first place most locals think of when it comes to beach relaxation and unwinding; it’s usually overcrowded during public holidays.

The beach features a wide range of restaurants, bars, food stalls and outdoor entertainment.

3. South Beach

South Beach, Dar es Salaam - Tanzania

The south beach is also referred to as “Kingamboni” and it’s the standout choice of the many beaches in the city. It’s has a picture-perfect setting with powdery sand, pristine waters, and waves that are ideal for swimming. The beach features a wide range of great hotels and resorts with outstanding facilities. It is located off Kigamboni Road on the south coast of the city.

If you are looking for the best of regular live music, the south beach provides a perfect option. Cold beer, sodas, cocktails and Delicious foods are served in the different food stalls in the beach.

4. Mbudya Island Beach

Mbudya Island Beach, Dar es Salaam - Tanzania

Mbudya Island beach is one of the most untouched beaches in Tanzania. While the island is no secret to locals, many tourists have no idea that it exists. You can get to the island by taking about 25-minute ferry ride from White Sands Beach Resort. You can also take a 10-minute boat ride from Msasani Slipway to the island. You can hole up on this piece of paradise and enjoy its seclusion and solitude.

The island has no hotel or restaurant but you can enjoy some delicious grilled seafood freshly caught from the sea with a beer or soda in a banda.

5. Kipepeo Beach

Kipepeo Beach, Dar es Salaam - Tanzania

Kipepeo Beach| Victoria to Victoria

With the tropical turquoise water of the Indian Ocean, the Kipepeo beach amazes and entices everyone at all times. Located about 9 km from the city centre on the south coast, the sun-kissed beach is a year-round choice for those looking for some beach fun and adventures. We love it like that!

Break away from the hustle and bustle of the city and spend a few minutes on this beach and you’ll feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Thanks to its peaceful atmosphere that works magic on people’s stress levels.

6. Kunduchi Beach

Kunduchi Beach, Dar es Salaam - Tanzania

“Remarkable”, “postcard-perfect”, “speechless” are some of the words used to describe Kunduchi Beach by tourists when they step on its shores. The white sandy beach sits on the lap of the gorgeous Indian Ocean and it’s perfect for an ultimate getaway. There is a range of luxury hotels and resorts located on the beach.

If you feel like lazing around, sink into the soft sand and let in the breath-taking sunshine.

7. Mikadi Beach

Mikadi Beach, Dar es Salaam - Tanzania

Mikadi Beach | Africa Through Our Eyes

The name “Mikadi” originates from the Mikadi tree that thrives along the beautiful coastline of Tanzania. This is the kind of beach anyone would love to spend a relaxing weekend. There is a lodge on the white sand beach, situated just a few minutes from the city centre. The beach facilities come with a beautiful swimming pool, a bar restaurant and food stalls for the best of homemade burgers.

The beach has secured its place among the best beaches in the city for its mix of relaxing and fun experiences.

8. Amani Beach

Amani Beach, Dar es Salaam - Tanzania

Even though the beaches on the mainland coast are often neglected, Amani Beach is different. Both locals and expatriates flock to this beach for a relaxing weekend getaway. There are several lodges and hotels around the beach such as Amani Beach Cottage and Ras Kutani. The beach is a perfect combination of beautiful coastal landscapes and leisure activities off and on the water such as mountain biking, horse-riding, swimming, and surfing.

Make some holiday memories at this beautiful stretch of extensive white beach.

9. Bahari beach

Bahari Beach, Dar es Salaam - Tanzania

Seemingly situated at the north of Dar es Salaam, Bahari beach is a slice of paradise along Bagamoyo road. The beach offers some luxurious accommodation – hotels and resorts. It’s a popular place for kite surfing and a range of water sports. There’s a fishing village located on the other side of the beach, a great place to order some fresh seafood.

Plenty of space, consistent waves and a soothing atmosphere make this beach a great relaxing spot year round.

10. Bongoyo Island Beach

Bongoyo Island Beach, Dar es Salaam - Tanzania

Feel the world slip away at Bongoyo Island. This leisure island is a marine conservation area and it features beautiful beaches and a range of fun activities including snorkelling and swimming. You can get here by taking a boat from the Slipway shopping centre on the peninsula. The island is uninhabited so you can only spend a day here and go back to the city. When you get here, you can rent a banda – the little huts on the beach, relax and order your lunch.

The beach combines a spectacular outlook, exceptional snorkelling conditions and walking opportunities along the stretches of the coastline.

If you not a DAR local, a quick flight can get you to one of these breath-taking beaches. Book cheap flights to Dar es Salaam with Tripindigo and start your beach hoping experience!

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