Best Beaches on Lamu Island

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Lamu Island is truly a paradise. If you’re looking for an escape from your busy and hectic routine, then Lamu should be your go-to place! Life slows down here and you get to soak up every moment of your stay.

Fun Fact: There are no cars or similar vehicles on the island, so if you looking for a break from the rat race, this may be the ideal place to reset your gears.

There might not be any cars here, but one thing Lamu has is ocean and beach. Here are the top spots to get your fix of Vitamin D on Lamu Island

Best Places To Work On Your Tan In Lamu

1. Manda Bay

The washed-out sand and warm water lining this beach will take you into another world of relaxation and peace. You can sit by the beach and enjoy yourselves or you can take part in the numerous sports activities available here like skiing, snorkelling, paddle boarding and kayaking. You can even go fishing here!

Having a candle-light dinner under the moonlight on this relaxing beach is an experience of a lifetime!

Manda Bay

Manda Bay Lamu, Image Source: Lamu Tourism

2. Shela Beach

If you’re looking some time off to just relax and enjoy the surroundings, then Shela Beach is your destination. The stunning white sand beach has a lot more than just looks to offer. You can go fishing and cruising in the boats and enjoy fresh seafood barbecue from your catch! Your guide will cook the seafood on the boat right in front of you and that experience of eating fresh seafood in your boat surrounded by the water is just exhilarating! Watch tiny red crabs dive into the sand at the shore and collect colourful seashells!

3. Kipungani Beach

Enjoy dipping your feet in warm crystal-clear water, while soaking your body in the white sand, under the shade of numerous palm trees that line this beach. if you’re looking for a typical beach picture with white sand, clear water and palm trees, then this place should be your go-to beach. It’s truly a pristine beach! It’s not overcrowded so you get to have parts of the beach exclusively by yourself. You can also enjoy romantic candle-light dinners by booking the lodge on this beach.

Kipungani Beach Lamu

Kipungani Beach Lamu, Image Source: Lamu Tourism

4. Takwa Beach

If you’re looking for an even more exclusive beach experience than that at Kipungani Beach, then you should head over to Takwa beach. Here, you’ll have the beach almost all by yourself! it’s a great beach if you want to go swimming in the water. Collect seashells and enjoy a picnic with your family on this beach. It’s a wonderful beach unspoiled by man. Even though this beach is relatively deserted for most of the year, a kitesurfing event takes place at this beach once every year!

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