Top Breakfast Spots You Have to Try in Dar es Salaam

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10 Best Breakfast Spots in Dar es Salaam

It’s been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it’s taken very seriously in Dar es Salaam. You’ll probably enjoy breakfast time more in Dar when you sit down at a café with a delicious cup of coffee and maybe dig into some excellent sausages and scrambled eggs while meeting with your people. 

There are several places where you can fuel yourself for the day in Dar so it can be hard to choose the perfect spot! We recommended you start your day off right with a delicious meal at any of these yummy breakfast spots.

1. Epi d'Or

Both locals and visitors can’t have enough of this place. What started out as a small 15 square meter bakery and patisserie grew to become one of the best breakfast spots in Dar es Salaam. They function in different capacities as a patisserie, caterers, and boulangerie. On the menu, Epi d'Or has a lot of wonderful dishes suitable for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and appetisers.

Epi d'Or

Epi d'Or, Image Source: Trip2Africa.Com

2. Karambezi Cafe

Breakfast at Karambezi Cafe is an experience you’ll not want to miss while in Dar es Salaam. The café feature a variety of tasty dishes that will make you want more. It’s a fine choice for your first meal in the morning and it’s located in the upscale area of the city with an ocean view. The breakfast menu includes pies, toast, muffins, cereals of all sorts, varieties of foods, and continental breakfast staples.

Karambezi Cafe

Karambezi Cafe, Image Source: KarambeziCafe.Com

3. The Ridge Cafe

If you like to have a wonderful Chai tea with some cookies to go with it for breakfast, you should visit the Ridge Café. It’s also one of the best places to get great coffee in Dar. You can easily select, grind your own coffee and enjoy your breakfast. If you really want to experience a blend of East African and western culture in Dar, you should visit the Ridge Café.

The Ridge Cafe

The Ridge Cafe, Image Source: Facebook.Com

4. Salt

A guest described the Salt Restaurant as “close to perfect”, and you’re going to want to agree with this description if you visit this place. It’s located along Toure Drive on the Dar es Salaam Peninsular, featuring stunning views of the Indian Ocean. The interior and exterior decors are easily adaptable to a morning meal, a casual afternoon lunch, or even a dressed up dinner. At Salt, you’re sure to get a wide range of delightful intercontinental dishes made from fresh natural ingredients.

5. Woodberry Cafe

One thing about American foods is that people of all nationalities seem to like them. With this in mind, Woodberry Cafe set out to serve the best American cuisines Dar es Salaam can offer. Asides from the American dishes, they also serve a variety of meals that cater to different taste preferences. The decor is cool too; renovated a colonial house with a tree house for kids.

6. Central Park Cafe

The coffee in Central Park Cafe is really famous, and that’s a huge part of breakfast, right? They serve multi-cuisine with a variety of breakfast options to choose from. This is a great location for kids too.

Central Park Cafe

Central Park Cafe, Image Source: Facebook.Com

7. Tsavorite Cafe

Here, you’re going to find delicious meals to start off your day every morning. If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll find a variety of pastries including cakes and chocolate treats that will feed your cravings.

Tsavorite Cafe

Pasteries and Coffee Tsavorite Cafe, Image Source:

8. 305 Karafuu

Some peace, quiet, and delicious meals are always available at 305 Karafuu. It is a home away from home, and a good place to spend some quality family time and have a great breakfast. The tasty meals will tickle your taste buds, and keep you coming back for breakfast every morning.

305 Karafuu

305 Karafuu, Image Source: AfroTourism.Com

9. News Cafe

A news kiosk, bookshelves, and some tables – that’s a good definition for the News Café – at least that was what the owners thought of the place until the “tables” aspect of it grew to a whole new level. The place is open 24/7 and breakfast is served round the clock. Egg dishes, breakfast specials, benedict style eggs, continental, fruit plates, French toasts, pancakes are some of the meals they serve for breakfast. They also serve great appetisers, burgers & paninis, salads, sandwiches, entrees, and lots more.

10. Grano Coffee

It is important to eat healthy foods at all time for the sake of your wellbeing. Grano makes sure of this in every meal they serve. Be sure to visit this place for your freshly prepared Italian meals and a great breakfast. Grano surely has a whole menu full of dishes with fewer calories and more protein portions. You’ll definitely love your breakfast here!

Grano Coffee

Treats from Grano Coffee

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