The Best Coffee in Kenya

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The Best Coffee in Kenya

For decades now, the global love affair with Kenyan coffee has been huge. The coffee has been featured quite prominently in publications and reviews, and it’s being served in several cafes and restaurants across the world.

Simply put, Kenyan coffee is among the best in the world. It is known for its consistently rich flavours, pleasant aroma, potent sweetness and powerful character.  It comes in a wide range of flavours depending on the processing methods used as well as the production region. Arabica is the main coffee type grown in the country as it does very well in the rich volcanic soils found in the Kenyan highlands. About 70% of Kenyan coffee is produced by small-scale farmers, cooperatives as well as larger estates. Let’s take a look at the best coffee in Kenya.

Fun fact: Although coffee is quite prominent and one of the biggest exports from Kenya, tea is actually more popular with the locals! When you visit a local, you are more likely to be welcomed with a cup of ‘chai’ (Tea) rather than ‘kahawa’ (Coffee).

Best Plantations to Visit

There is no shortage of coffee plantation farms to visit in the country. Kenya coffee growing regions include

  • Kirinyaga,
  • Nyeri,
  • Kiambu,
  • Ruiru,
  • Mt.Kenya West,
  • Muranga, and
  • Thika.

These are prime coffee growing areas that have a wide range of forest ecosystems that support a variety of wildlife.

What to Expect on the Planation Tour

On a coffee tour, you‘ll be welcomed by the coffee farm managers who have a wide range of experience in the coffee farming. They’ll take you for a walk around the farms giving you information on the farming and a chance to see the coffee berries from the farm, see how they are picked when ready and moved to the factory. How berries are sorted out, dried and then processed.

Kenya Coffee Plantation Farms

Kenya Coffee Plantation Farms

One of the best coffee plantation farms to visit is the Guama Coffee Factory in Kirinyaga. This factory is a member of the Baragwi Cooperative Society in Kirinyaga.

Mumbi Coffee Estate is one of the largest coffee estates in Kenya. It is located just a few kilometres from the city centre and sits on over 300 acres of land in Thika. It is also one of the best-maintained farms in the country. The coffee plantation farmfeatures coffee trees over 100 years old, a coffee processing facility, a small coffee roasting machine for sampling as well as a pulping station.

Other coffee plantations you can visit include Kensam Farm in Embu, Kabumbu Coffee Estate in Kerugoya and the renowned Kabare Farmers that produce the Kabare AA coffee which is the highest grade coffee.

The Best Coffee Brands

Kenyan AA coffee:  is one of the biggest and best brands not only in Africa but the across the world. It’s grown in Kenya’s highest plateaus and is known for its rich taste and remarkable two-tone flavours of citrus and floral.

Kenyan Gachatha AA

Kenyan AA Coffee

Kenyan Gachatha AA : which sells under the brand name Klatch coffee is also one of the best. Other good performing brands are Starbucks Kenya, GevaliaKafe, Green Mountain Coffee, Peete’s Coffee, Rockbern Mt. Kenya among others.

Best Places to Buy a Cuppa

Nairobi is awash with coffee shops where one can stop to grab a cuppa. Perhaps the most well-known and well spread out is the Java Coffee House. They have quite the network of coffee shops across the city and in the outskirts too. 

Java coffee

Java coffee

Artcafe is also known to have good quality coffee and well-trained baristas that prepare and serve a good mug.The Mug is another good establishment to have a coffee.



Pete’s Burrito Shop in Nairobi’s Milimani also offers unbeatable coffee, as well as AlexandreYaya Centre and Gibson’s Coffee House.

When next you visit Kenya or any destination in the world, ask the barista for a Kenyan cuppa and you’ll be glad you tried it.

You Haven't Lived Till You've Tried a Kenyan Blend!

If your tastebuds has never encounted the perfect taste of a Kenyan coffee brew you are surely missing out! Give your tastebusds a treat and try it as soon as you can!

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