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We all know that climate change is altering the face of the earth rapidly. This change isn’t caused by one particular behaviour, but rather there are many factors have and are contributing towards it. One of the main culprits that negatively affect climate change, is the fact that we don’t use eco-friendly and sustainable products in our daily lives. Which is exactly the behaviour that eco camps and lodges try to avoid? 

What Are Eco Camps?

Eco camps and lodges are eco-friendly camps that do not produce any sort of environmental toxins or waste and use sustainable energy sources. Protocols are out in place to get rid of all waste in an environmentally-friendly way. Even bathrooms at the camp have composting toilets that decompose organic matter and their energy sources are also sustainable.

Stay In An Eco Camp & Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Kenya is one of the top safari destinations in the World and attracts thousands of safari-goers from across the globe each year. With campsites and lodges being so close to wildlife and safari areas, it makes sense to live in as green as possible. 

Living in an eco-camp will get you close to nature and give you an opportunity to do the least damage to the environment. You will learn a lot, make a connection with the nature around you and start to look at daily practices in a different light. There’s something beautiful about living in a place without causing any damage to the environment! 

This eye-opening experience is a great way to enjoy your safari. But it does not mean you have to rough it all the time, Eco camps can also be comfortable and a little bit glamorous (glamorous for the bush at least).  Here are some of the most loved Eco Camps and Lodges in Kenya. 

Kenya's Top Rated Eco Campe and Lodges

1. The Wildebeest Eco Camp



Camp Wildebeest, Image Source: Booking.Com


This Eco Camp is one of the best eco camps in Kenya! It’s the perfect place for an eco-friendly holiday in Kenya with your family. The camp has many facilities including a swimming pool, large-sized games like chess and checkers for the family as well as sun loungers where you can chill under the warm sun.

The camp is located on the outskirts of Nairobi and this trip will let you explore the main city of Nairobi as well after you’re done with the camp.

You’ll also be served a wonderful buffet here! Eat, relax, and let the nature around work its detoxing job!


2. Oasis Eco Camp


Oasis Eco Camp

Oasis Eco Camp, Image Source: Booking.Com


The Oasis Eco Camp is situated near the city of Gilgil, just by the Lake Elementaita. The best part about this Eco Camp is that you can also get a view of the lake and let the calming sound of water relax your mind. You get a totally authentic natural experience in the camp here, with amazing food and great service! It’s a quiet and serene area where you can get an escape from your busy life.


3. Miti Mingi Eco Camp


Miti Mingi Eco Camp

Miti mingi Eco Camp, Image Source: Tripadvisor.Com


If you’re looking for a camping experience in Kenya on a limited budget, then this should be your go-to place! The facilities provided include mosquito nets, tents, and a dining hall with delicious food. Charging outlets are limited to the dining hall so don’t forget to take a power bank along with you! Try to keep phone-time to a minimum though and get a digital detox!

This eco-camp is also located on the outskirts of Nairobi.


4. Maji Moto Eco Camp


Maji Moto Eco Camp

Maji Moto Eco Camp, Image Source: majimotocamp.Com


For an authentic Masai cultural experience, this eco camp is the best! You’ll find fresh fruits and vegetables from the fields nearby. Water and other food items are brought from a nearby village. You can also go on a walking safari with the local Masai guide and he’ll tell you interesting details about the Masai Culture while you soak up the nature around you!

There are also showers nearby to help you freshen up. The facilities, as well as the food here, is excellent! This eco-camp is located near the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya!


5. Olengoti Eco Safari Camp


Olengoti Eco Safari Camp

Olengoti Eco Safari Camp, Image Source: triphop.Com


At this eco-camp, you don’t only get an eco-friendly holiday but you also get to have a safari experience and live with the hippos and baboons nearby! You also get to dine by the Talek River and enjoy the view of the hippos as well as other animals that come to the river. Hearing the voices of animals around you at night is also soothing and lets you have a wonderful experience where there are no barriers between you and the nature around you.

You’ll be treated with immense hospitality here and you’ll be served with amazing local food cooked to perfection.

6. Destiny Eco Camp


Destiny Eco Camp

Destiny Eco Camp, Image Source: Tripadvisor.Com


The Destiny Eco Camp is in close proximity to the Masai Mara National Reserve and you get to have a wonderful safari experience here as well!

Lions, Cheetahs, elephants, leopards, hippos, hyenas as well as wildebeests from the Great Migration are common sightings!

Monkeys will also surround you while you’re at the camp so be careful to keep your food out of their reach!


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