Best Islands on the Coast of Kenya

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Thanks to its many tourist destinations, Kenya is one of the most visited nations in Africa. Her magnificent islands rank among the top tourist attraction. If you and your significant other want to get away from it all and create some lasting memories, a trip to an island is a great idea. Beautiful islands in Kenya provide a distinctive experience. Anyone will be in awe of the beauty and uniqueness of most of these islands’ landscapes. Here are the Best Islands on the Coast of Kenya, along with information about where they are, how diverse their cultures are, and what you can do there.

Mombasa Island

The island of Mombasa, where modern-day Mombasa is located, was first uncovered by Omani traders in the 16th century and has been ruled by several dynasties since then. Mombasa is a showcase for Portuguese, British, and Arab cultures. The Nyali Bridge, which connects Mombasa Island to the mainland, is a well-known crossing. The South Coast and the mainland are connected by the Likoni ferry. It is a port that supplies the rest of East Africa as well as Kenya’s coastal communities. You can have a lot of good recollections from your trip to the island. This results from the island’s numerous scenic areas and historical attractions. The spectacular site Fort Jesus, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one you shouldn’t miss.

Lamu Island

Lamu Island is renowned for its rich history, various cultures, and stunning architecture. Before Portuguese, Turkish, and Omani traders began exploring the island in the 13th century, only the Swahili had made it their home. Lamu developed a distinct culture when the traders left, and it still does today. You will be astonished by this island to the core. The free way of life, beautiful white sand beaches, local food, and opulent dhow sailing are a wonderful diversion from the stresses of everyday life. It is possible to move around on donkeys and dhows in Lamu, thanks to its lovely, winding roads. When traveling to adjacent archaeological sites like Pate, Manda, Siyu, and Kiwayu, you can stop at the small village and take in the breathtaking scenery. You can take advantage of these islands’ historic sites and opulent resorts. Lamu has changed throughout the years from being a colonial-era defense point for the Omani Arabs to an exciting locale for entertaining activities.

Chale Island 

In Kwale County, Chale Island is situated at the far end of Msambweni Bay. Chale is renowned for its sacred sites or frightened Kaya. It is the perfect place to spend your vacation because of its position in the South East of Kenya. Chale offers beautiful scenery and fascinating history. Its carefree way of life will be hard to resist. Its chilly weather is ideal for the holidays.

Funzi Island

On the South Coast of Mombasa County is Funzi Island. It is renowned for its beautiful eco-spaces, including wetlands and native mangrove forests, as well as its beaches. It is an island that provides a habitat for a number of turtle species, including the loggerhead, leatherback, green, and olive turtles. For cultural trips, people should go to the gardens close by and the Ramisi River. The yearly migration of humpback whales takes place between June and December.

Wasini Island

Wasini, a little island south of Mombasa, exudes a mellow vibe that makes you want to spend all day lazing on its white sand beaches. The island is just around five kilometers long, yet it features the winding alleyways of Zanzibar, the tranquil atmosphere of Lamu, and some of the best snorkeling along the Indian Ocean shoreline. The island is a favorite stop for people who like to travel off the beaten path because it is covered in mango trees and home to local fishermen. You can check out on 8 Things to Know Before you Visit the Maasai Mara

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