The Best Local Wines & Beers of Tanzania

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Guide to Local Wines & Beers of TZ

There has never been a more exciting place to be a local wine or beer drinker than in Tanzania. You can’t hang out in any of the cities and villages for long before you’re offered some of the local wines and beers the region has to offer. Ranging from the sweet and fairly delicious drinks, Tanzania has a wide variety of local alcoholic beverages that delight all tastes and pockets.Here is a guide to some of the wines and beers loved by Tanzanians:

 6 Of The Best Local Beers & Lager:

1. Serengeti

Try not to confuse this with The Serengeti National Park, just buy the beer and drink it. Serengeti is a solid lager that tastes like bubbles and a bit more. It is loved by the locals and is statement drink at any bar.



2. Safari Lager

Tanzania, being the home of Safari in Africa adds a lager beer to its cap. Safari Lager has a gritty texture and taste. The lager beer lives up to its name as you get the same inevitable after-safari feeling when you take this beer.

Safari Lager

Safari Lager DJPA

3. Pilsner Lager

Pilsner lager has something to it that makes you drink more than once. More of a wheat flavour or little hops, Pilsner lager is something interesting to thirst for.

Pilsner Lager

Pilsner Lager

4.Tusker Yellow Label

Tusker which stands for Tanzania, Uganda, Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Rwanda is a popular choice for relaxation, especially in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. Tusker is a fine beer and a good companion for boozing your night away.

Tusker Yellow Label

Tusker Yellow Label.

5. Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro beer is just apt for its name. It’s a beer that gets you to where you want to go and makes the journey a smooth one. Just one taste of this beer will get you hooked. Kilimanjaro has got flavour, and charm that’s going to leaving you wanting more.



6. Balimi

Balimi is a popular beer in Kigoma in the far west of Tanzania. Brownish in colour, Balimi if taken in the right doses at the right time is quite enjoyable.


Balimi DJPA

5 of Loveliest Local Wines:

1. Banana Wine

Banana wine, otherwise called Rubisi, is used traditionally as homebrew. It can be further distilled into liquor called gongo. Dating as far back as 300 years ago, Rubisi is made from sorghum beer sweetened with fermented banana juice. It can be consumed fresh or stored and served in bottles. It is not strange to see banana wine being used at local functions such as payment of dowry, wedding ceremonies and funeral ceremonies.

Banana Wine

Banana WineRwandan Genocide

2. Dodoma Dry Red& White

Produced in the town of Dodoma, Dodoma dry red is a fine wine with hints of spice and berry, giving a full round taste on the nose and a warm pallet on the tongue. Well-rounded with a full-bodied taste, the red wine shows hints of grape sun-aged while still on the vine and further hints of cinnamon, clove, and wood in its notes. You’ll become an Oliver Twist at one sip of the dry red.Dodoma dry white is the white variety – it’s not much of a fruity wine neither is it a sweet white wine.


Dodoma Dry Red

3. Dompo

A red wine from the Dodoma region, Dompo is a very sweet, fortified wine that tastes like a communion wine. Though called a red wine, Dompo comes out of the bottle as more of a purple colour than red.



4. Altar Wine

Altar Wine has a big, silver crucifix on the burgundy coloured label and it absolutely tastes like the type of wine you get in a church. Although the poor of the family, this wine costs as much as the other brands.

Altar Wine

Altar Wine

5. Honey Beer

With a strong syrupy taste and powerful kick, honey beer has some similarities with mead. The beer is common with northern Tanzanians especially the people of Tabora. Honey beer is a useful by-product of the local honey industry in the region.

What's Your Favorite Brew?

If you have a local favorite that's not on the list, we'd love to hear about it! Contact us at or hit us up via one of our social channels! 



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