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For a very long time, Nairobi, Kenya’s capital, and largest city has always been the shining star, when it comes to a pulsating nightlife. But, the second-largest city, Mombasa has built itself up and can show you an amazing time any night of the week.

After wandering the mesmerizing streets of Nairobi’s most popular nightlife areas until daybreak for a week, I decided to head down to Mombasa ; for a long weekend to know where the fun is at. I was not surprised to find out that the coastal city flourishes after dark that you’ll even forget about the need to sleep.

Mombasa’s nightlife scene is vast, from bohemian hangouts to exclusive cocktail lounges and locally fuelled neighbourhood clubs. So, if you’re looking to penetrate the city’s multilayered revelry scene, here are some great places to find Mombasa’s best nightlife:

Florida Nightclub & Casino

Photo Souce: Facebook

There is a big catch here – there is a courtesy bus available for transport from anywhere in the city to the Florida nightclub. There is no doubt about it, the club rules the Mombasa nightlife scene – well, for me. Maybe it’s because of its casino, which is a spectacle of nightlife entertainment. The nightclub’s shimmering light display and unmatched aura mesmerizes with its nicely designed space. It combines the excitement of gaming with a pulsating nightlife. I wasn’t able to compete with the dancing intensity at this place. The crowd danced seductively to the music as it reached its responsive climax with the shimmering lights falling over them.

Tapas Cielo

Tapas Cielo

Photo Source:

It was a cold Saturday evening when I wandered into Tapas Cielo, completely expecting the lounge to be almost empty due to the chilly weather. But instead, friends, lovey-dovey couples, and expats were already having fun at this lounge. Apparently, the nightlife venue is always filled up every weekend night, all year round. If you’re looking for a hip or social nightlife venue, you will fit in well here. With its fashionable décor and warm atmosphere, Tapas Cielo offers a cultured alternative to nightclubs. If you’ve not yet had dinner, you can enjoy a delicious meal here. The bar features a wide selection of custom-made cocktail, alcohol, spirits and wines.

Tamarind Dhow

Tamarind Dhow

Photo Source: Facebook

I visited Mombasa as a solo traveller so I didn’t have the opportunity to experience a romantic night at Tamarind Dhow. But my last night in the city was eventful. I enjoyed a night out with my friends on the floating restaurant. It’s a unique nightlife concept like no other in East Africa. The delicious seafood dinner, wine and cocktails and a variety of live music – spiced up my night. The Dhow left the Jetty and sailed towards Fort Jesus, even though I was enjoying the discussion with my friends, I wasn’t really concentrating. I was captivated by the stunning views of the city and the Indian Ocean. Moreover, it was an amazing experience to be treated like a royalty on a dinner cruise.


Gasaro Lounge

Photo Source:

For go-to drinking spots on any trip to the city, I’ll recommend Gasaro Hotel Lounge. I somewhat love the cosy and stylish lounge with a laid-back setting. If you’re not a clubber but want to have a nice time, this place is for you. You can chill and relax with one of their cocktail specialities and enjoy less booming music. The bar features a wide variety of drinks including some good cocktails.  There’s no question that this is a highly upscale nightlife venue and it’s a good bet for people who want to enjoy a more relaxed night.


Casablanca Club

Photo Source: Facebook

Red, uncut and uncensored nightlife, Casablanca Club is the place for party animals. This legendary Mombasa club features an earth-shattering dance party. Casablanca Club seems to be a popular club in Mombasa and it takes clubbing experience to another level. The untamed discotheque features two spacious dance floors, 4 bars, and a cocktail bar. The club is adult-rated, so if you travelled with a younger one below 18 years old, you shouldn’t bring them along when coming here. There is no shortage of attractive locals ready to mingle and let loose on the steamy dance floor.

Bella Vista

Photo Source: Facebook

You’ll get the enthusiastic feeling of Mombasa’s nightlife at Bella Vista. The club is said to be notorious amid the clubbing multitude in the city. But it’s still incomparable to Casablanca Club when it comes to wild partying.  After a stressful day riddled with commitments, work, and responsibilities, this is the place to let go, re-energise and feel alive.  I love the wild celebration of life here and the way the locals crazily expressed themselves with music and dance while drinking the night away. If you’re looking to let your wild side loose, you’ll feel right at home here.

MoonShine Bar

Moonshine is where Mombasa night goers come to enjoy all the best of the Nyali coast.  Moonshine Bar is seen as an experience-based location found on the beach-front, the lounge brings you both the sweetness of fun and the loveliness of serenity under one roof. Open daily from noon ’til late, you can enjoy a drink, dance, enjoy a shisha or just chill out and enjoy our amazing views over the Indian Ocean. Moonshine also has one of the biggest selection of cocktails, premium drinks and wine in the heart of Nyali.

Photo Source: Facebook

Your guide is complete; now let the Club hopping begin.

If you stumble on any more hot nightclubs in Mombasa and would like us to add it to the list, pop us a line at  or give us a shout out on social: 

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