The Best Outdoor Activities To Experience In Nairobi

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Nairobi is well-known for a lot of amazing things, apart from its vibrant neighbourhoods and bohemian hangouts. It features a wide range of exhilarating experiences, unique thrills and pure relaxation providing you with unforgettable memories. Here are some of the best outdoor activities in Nairobi to enjoy.

1. Trail Biking at Karura Forest

Karura forest is just a little outside the city and easily accessible for a day of fun. The forest has a few animal species, caves, a waterfall, a butterfly haven; a picnic site and nature walk paths. Add to this the biking routes that have become quite popular with the locals on weekends or even weekdays. They rent out bikes and gear at the forest so all you need to do is just show up and cycle the day away.

Trail Biking in Karura forest

2. Visit the Maasai Ostrich Farm

In the Athi River plains, some 45km away from the city centre everything ostrich awaits you. While there, you can ride atop the world’s largest bird as well as enjoy ostrich meat-grilled or fried according to your fancy. There’s also a swimming pool and a continental buffet in case you really don’t want to sample ostrich meat.

Maasai Ostrich Farm

3. Visit the Giraffe Centre

About 40 minutes from the city centre at a place called Langata, you will find this haven that combines conservation with enjoyable activities. From a raised wooden structure you can see, touch, feed, kiss and take a selfie with the giraffes! The primary species here are the Rothschild Giraffes and while there one can learn more about the species.

Nairobi Giraffe Centre

4. Nairobi National Museum Tour

The museum is located along Kipande Road and upon arrival one is greeted by the imposing sculptures and a botanical garden. The museum is a heritage spot and in the various exhibition rooms, one gets a glimpse of the country and the continent. You’ll discover ethnological artefacts of the different tribes and ethnic groups of Kenya, the birds of East Africa, as well as Great Mammals and the cradle of mankind exhibition.

Nairobi National Museum

5. Butterfly watch at Nairobi Butterfly Centre

Located in the Karen area of Nairobi, this Centre affords you a view of the largest and smallest butterflies of Kenya in the thousands. The sanctuary is housed in an expansive greenhouse of tropical trees and offers visitors informative and beauty-filled insights regarding butterflies. Avid eco-tourists would love this place.

Nairobi Butterfly farm

6. The TRM 7D Cinema

You’ve probably had a 3D experience that made you all warm and fuzzy on the inside. However, it is almost not as exciting as the amazing experience with 7D. With a quick visit to the 7D Cinema at Thika Road Mall, you will quite literally feel like you’re inside and a part of the movie!

7D Cinema

7. Hiking at Ngong Hills

If you love hiking, you would love to conquer the Ngong Hills. There are seven of them in ascending order. It’s a fun-filled affair especially if you’re with friends or a group. Enjoy magnificent, breathtaking views from atop the highest hill. Carry some snacks, water or an energy drink because you will surely need a good dose of energy to climb up and down the hills.

If you're keen on hiking regularly in Nairobi then check out our post – 10 Hiking Trails In & Around Nairobi

Ngong Hills Hike
Photo: Onsight

8. Safari at Nairobi National Park

Smack right in the middle of the city! Nairobi is the only city in the world with a national game park at its heart. Here, a variety of wild animals roams free, such as lions, buffaloes, zebras, giraffes and many others.  A half day safari isn’t such a shabby treat the next time you’re in Nairobi.

Nairobi National Park

9. Road Trip to Ole Polos

This one makes for an enticing and fun-filled outing with friends or family and it’s only an hour’s drive from the city centre. Olepolos is popular for their mouth-watering Nyama Choma and local beer. It’s a good place and a great place to wind down.

Ole Polos

10. Go-Karting

Put your adrenaline and winning attitude to the test at the Go Karting place in Langata just a short drive from the city centre. Go-karting is a motorsport that involves driving what is called a go-kart in an indoor racing track. You rent out the go-kart at a reasonable fee and they provide you with gear and give you instructions on how to do it. It makes for a good hang out with a friend or many.

Go Karting In Nairobi
Photo: GP Karting

11. Ziplining

This is another outdoor adventure for the adrenaline junkies. The Kereita Forest near Kimende provides for a zip lining experience like no other. It is a safe and friendly environment and you get instructions on how to slide on the zip line and they also provide gear for the same.

Photo: All Events

12. Rolf’s Place Adventure

This one is a beautiful resort slightly on the outskirts of Nairobi just a short drive away. You can have a meal and drinks at the restaurant but this should well be after the bike rides, a football game or the ever thrilling paintball offered at the place. A good way to spend an amazing weekend afternoon!

Rolfs Place

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