Visit and Enjoy The Top Picnic Spots In Mombasa

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There’s nothing as amazing a relaxing picnic under the sun in a scenic location with stunning views. Mombasa has a great mix of stunning natural scenery and pleasant climate, inland and coastal spots for a picnic. From beachside locations, national parks to open grassy spaces, the city has plenty to offer everyone. If you’re in the mood for fun time with your friends and family, pack your picnic supplies and find a great spot at one of the best picnic spots in Mombasa.

1. Jumba Ruins

If you’re interested in a day trip with your friends and family, Jumba Ruins is a perfect hotspot for a lazy picnic. Located about 20 km from Mombasa, Jumba Ruins is as enchanting as it sounds. With its quiet atmosphere, the sound of the sea breeze swooshing through the trees and the half ruined structures with interesting historical stories, Jumba Ruins boasts stunning views of the beach. This picnic spot is hard to beat. There’s even a restaurant – Moonsoons Restaurant on site in case you’d prefer to get some food or drinks, rather than bringing them from home.

Jumba Ruins

A snapshot of what you can expect at the Jumba Ruins

2. Bamburi Beach

A perfect day out in Mombasa, Bamburi Beach is a great place to enjoy a memorable picnic with your loved ones. The natural sandy beach is a popular picnic spot for locals in the city and it’s a wonderful spot for swimming, snorkelling and diving. It’s an ideal place to set up for the day, with a delicious lunch with your friends and family, while you relax and relish the moment. You can spend your entire weekend here if you like. There are several beach-front resorts located only steps away from the white sandy beach for luxury accommodation.

Bamburi Beach

A snapshot of what you can expect at Bamburi Beach

3. Mombasa Butterfly House

For locals, Mombasa Butterfly House isn’t really a secret. But for those who have not visited this butterfly paradise yet, you should plan for a day out with friends here. Being one of Africa’s best butterfly parks, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a magic land. The Butterfly house, a unique spectacular attraction in the coastal city, is a heaven of tropical butterflies located in a serene area with a cool sea breeze, a playground for children and a perfect garden for a picnic with the family. If you’re looking for privacy, relaxation, and liberty to explore different attractions, this is the place for you.

Mombasa Butterfly House

A snapshot of what you can expect at Mombasa Butterfly House

4. Mama Ngina Drive

You may not believe this, but Mama Ngina Drive is a perfect backdrop for a picnic outing. The picnic hotspot is popular among locals due to its spectacular seafront views. You can take a romantic walk with your loved one and enjoy the fresh ocean breeze. There’s a well-kept garden on site, and you’ll also have an opportunity to see the ships navigating in and out of Mombasa port. There are several hawkers selling coconut fresh juice – Madafu and cassava crisp – Kashiri at a corner in the park. You can get some for lunch while relaxing under the sun.

Mama Ngina Drive

A snapshot of what you can expect at Mama Ngina Drive

5. Haller Park

Located on the North coast of Mombasa, this nature park boasts an abundance of animal and plant species. If you are here for a picnic, you are surely going to enjoy your time thoroughly. Visit this park with your family or friends and experience some of the most enthralling moments of your life and there’s plenty of room to wander around the park. Animals like hippopotamus, crocodiles, snakes, and tortoises will make your day, especially if you are an animal enthusiast.

Haller Park

A snapshot of what you can expect at Haller Park

6. Nguuni Nature Sanctuary

Situated in Mombasa’s Kiembeni, this sanctuary has for long been in use as a picnic spot. The best thing about this place is that it is home to a lot of animals and remains open throughout the week. With an amazing sunset on offer for its visitors, Nguuni Nature Sanctuary is definitely going to make you want to spend your entire day here.

Nguuni Nature Sanctuary

A snapshot of what you can expect at Nguuni Nature Sanctuary

7. Fort Jesus Museum

Fort Jesus is, no doubt, a museum but because of its location at the coasts, there are a lot of open areas here for visitors to roam about. Besides, you can check out the exclusive Kenyan archaeological finds on the museum display. So, when you are here, you don’t just experience that historic feel this 16th-century Portuguese fort exudes, but also feast your eyes on the amazing view surrounding areas provide. A perfect picnic spot for any season!

Fort Jesus Museum

A snapshot of what you can expect at Fort Jesus Museum

8. Shimba Hills National Park

For expansive views, visit this picnic spot for your day out with family and friends. Located about 33km south of Mombasa, Shimba Hills National Reserve is a peaceful getaway park, which features spectacular views of the rainforest, woodlands, savanna and lily-crowned ponds in its surroundings. You’ll see a wide range of wildlife species such as elephants, antelope, leopard, and birds. The park has some picnic spots for a great afternoon with your family such as the Madaraka picnic sites. There’s a treetop-style lodge in the park if you decide to spend the weekend here.

Shimba Hills National Park</em>  ” class=”img-responsive shareaholic-media-target-hover-state” id=”big-img” src=””></p>
<p>    <em>A snapshot of what you can expect at Shimba Hills National Park</em>    </p>
<h2>9. Arabuko-Sokoke Forest</h2>
<p>This may not be your regular picnic hotspot, but it’s an ideal outdoor location for a great afternoon with your friends and family. Arabuko-Sokoke Forest is regarded as the biggest Aboriginal coastal forest in East Africa. You’ll find plenty of rare species here, from plants to butterflies, birds to amphibian animals. However, the forest is a favorite spot for a picnic among locals and tourists. If you don’t have plans for next weekend; look no further, this is the perfect spot.</p>
<p><img decoding=

A snapshot of what you can expect at the Arabuko-Sokoke Forest

10. Diani Beach

This not-so-secret scenic beach is a perfect picnic spot for everyone. Diani beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Africa and it’s a hit with tourists and locals all year round. There are plenty of water sports to keep everyone happy such as sailing, diving, parasailing, water-skiing, and windsurfing.  You’ll surely find a quiet spot to host an afternoon picnic and relax on the beach.

For more on stunning beaches in Kenya check we recommend you check out our post Where To Find The Best Beaches Across Kenya

Diani Beach

A snapshot of what you can expect at Diani Beach

Pick your favourite spot

Picnics are always fun! They are not just family get-togethers meant for eating, playing and walking around; they are also moments that make for beautiful memories to be cherished forever. Therefore, dedicating a day to actually spend time with your near and dear ones can never be a bad idea.

Any hidden picnic spots we should know about?

If you have any great picnic spots you feel deserve to be on this list, feel free to contact us on our social media channels and tell us more about them. We will be happy to add them to this list

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