Best Places for Trekking in Tanzania

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Tanzania is a beautiful country with endless plains of safari lands, beautiful trekking and hiking trails, stunning wildlife species and endless stretches of white sandy beaches. It’s a true representation of the African wilderness!

Here are some of the best places for trekking in Tanzania:

Mount Kilimanjaro

Mt. Kilimanjaro holds Africa’s highest peak. It’s one of the best places to go on a trek in Tanzania. After all, what could be better than trekking on the foothills of this gorgeous snow-capped mountain?

The scenery is beyond beautiful, further enhancing your trekking experience. 

You can trek till the base camps through various routes and then return if you’re looking for a short journey. Alternatively, you can also make your way to the top of the mountain if you have enough experience and stamina!

Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro

Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro, Image Source: BestNorthernSafaris.Com

Mount Meru

Mt. Meru is the second-highest peak in Tanzania. It’s actually a dormant volcano. It would take you about 4 days to complete your trek up the mountain. However, this trek is a lot steeper than that of Kilimanjaro so it’s a difficult trek, reserved only for advanced trekkers!

Napuru Waterfalls

The Napuru Waterfalls trek leads you through Arusha’s outskirts to Mt. Meru’s base. It’s a beautiful trek that lets you explore the beauty at the base of Mount Meru. You might even be able to spot a few wildlife species on your way! This trek is great for beginners.

Napuru Waterfalls

Napuru Waterfalls, Image Source: U2Guide.Com

Ngorongoro Conservation Area

The Ngorongoro Conservation Area is a beautiful place where you can explore the largest intact volcanic caldera in the world, the Ngorongoro Crater. The Conservation Area is also home to the Big 5 of Africa. It’s specifically known for its black rhinos, which are easy to spot here! 

The Conservation Area has two important and interesting trekking trails:

  • Olmoti Crater trek – The trek involves a short, easy trek to the rim of the crater. You also get to see the stunning Munge Waterfalls on your way. The view from the rim of the crater is also very scenic!
  • Empakai Crater trek – Cross paths with zebras, flamingoes and antelopes while you trek to the rim of the crater. The crater’s soda lake is lined by thousands of beautiful flamingoes! 

Ol Doinyo Lengai

Ol Doinyo Lengai is actually an active volcano. It’s emits the coldest lava in the world, which appears as black instead of glowing red. The trek up the volcano is pretty steep so only those trekkers with prior experience should attempt to go on this trail. You get stunning views of Serengeti and Lake Natron on your way up.

Ol Doinyo Lengai

Ol Doinyo Lengai, Image Source: KiliDreamers.Com

Udzungwa Mountains

The Udzungwa Mountains are home to many endemic species including Iringa red colobus monkeys, Kipunji Apes, and Udzungwa Partridge. The trek takes you through a forest, a bamboo field, and the stunning Sanje Waterfalls. 

The total duration of the trek is about 3 days and it’s for immediate-level trekkers.

So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy the various trekking experience that Tanzania has to offer! Don’t forget to check out All You Need to Know About Flying in East Africa.

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