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The Sleepy town of Tanga is home to the second-largest port in Tanzania and is popular as a pitstop and resting town for tourists. When we rest we eat and one thing both locals and tourists love doing in eating. 

If you’re foody, love trying new eats or just downright hungry and find yourself in the town of Tanga, we got you covered! We put together a handy guide on the best places to cure your hunger pains in Tanga. Stop off at one of these eateries and you'll be assured that every bite of your meal is both flavourful and delicious.

7 Eateries To Try In Tanga, Tanzania

1. Blue Room Café

This wonderful café has a pretty restricted menu but is an excellent place to grab a quick bite in Tanzania, especially if you’re looking for snacks! Their famous servings include Bhajia, kebabs, and nylon. These items will satisfy your taste buds and are light on the pocket as well!

The Café is located in India St., just off Eckernforde Avenue.

Blue Room Cafe´

Juice with Snacks at Blue Room Café, Image Source: Image courtesy of @suzybaltazary via Instagram

2. Sizzler Corner

Located on Mnyanjani Road, Sizzer Corner is one of the top restaurants in Tanga, in terms of flavour! It serves an authentic East African cuisine that includes barbecue, rice dishes, seafood and many sizzling dishes. It’s the perfect place for an outdoor dinner and it’s pretty cheap as well!

3. D’ Amour Bar and Grill

If you’re craving delicious wood-fired pizza, then you need to give this restaurant a visit! It’s ideal for both, lunch as well as dinner. The restaurant is open from 11:30 to 14:00 for lunch and then from 18:30 to 23:00 for dinner. It’s closed on Mondays!

D’ Amour Bar and Grill is located on Hospital Road. The sitting area is uniquely crafted and the interior is impressive. Although this restaurant is famous for its pizza, it also serves a wide variety of other foods like prawn chips, vegetarian curry, chicken sambusa/samosa as well as desserts like cheesecake!

4. Cuppuccino Café

This small and cosy café is the best place to grab a drink or a cup of coffee while you’re on the go! Snacks like samosas are also available. Apart from this,

It opens at 7:30 am so if you’re for a place where you can grab a cup of refreshing coffee, then this should be it.

5. Rusha Roho Restaurant

This place is ideal for getting breakfast or lunch. It’s located on Mkwakwani Road and it’s open from 7 am to 4 pm. For breakfast, you can get eggs filled with Tanzanian spices. For lunch, you can choose from authentic Tanzania seafood or other dishes like curry, rice, barbecue as well as pizza.

Moreover, there’s also a bakery section available inside the restaurant which serves freshly baked desserts like biscuits, pastries, muffins and cakes!

Rusha Roho Restaurant

Rusha Roho Restaurant, Image Source: Image courtesy of @rusharohorestaurant via Instagram

6. Kitisa’s Restaurant

If you’re searching for halal food, this is another place that should be on your list! The restaurant serves delicious fast food along with grilled chicken, mishkaki and other food items. The barbecued food at this restaurant is also finger-licking good and it will leave your taste buds craving for more.

Kitisa’s Restaurant

Kitisa’s Special Roll, Image Source: Image courtesy of @kacmkitisa via Instagram

7. Food Palace

This restaurant serves only breakfast, brunch and lunch as it closes at 4 pm, so if you want to try this one out, make sure to reach on time.

Some of the more famous dishes served here include Eggs Vindaloo, Kaku Paku, as well as a wide variety of Naans. All of the gravy dishes are served with well-cooked aromatic rice that will satisfy your cravings!

In addition to these, you’ll also find many street food vendors lining the busy streets of Tanga!


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