11 Best Spots For Halal Breakfast In Dar es Salaam

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For practising Muslims who adhere to a Halal diet, the lack of such foods can act as a hindrance to their travel plans. However, during their trip to the bustling Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania, they need not worry, as the lively and stunning city has many spots that offer Halal food, or are Halal friendly with their menus. Muslims are forbidden from consuming items such as pork, dead meat, blood, animals with fangs, birds of prey, mule meat, and any intoxicant or alcohol. Here are the 11 best spots for Halal breakfast in Dar Es Salaam!

1. Al Basha

Al Basha is a Lebanese restaurant which serves delicious and freshly cooked dishes that you can enjoy in a beautiful and relaxing interior. The menu includes food such as hummus, kebab, shawarma, wings, barbeque, falafel, salads, pita, chicken, and fish. The restaurant also offers Halal vegetarian and vegan options that you can enjoy!


Falafel Food Vegetarian Snack, Image Source: MarkusTT via Pixabay.com

2. Epi D’Or

Epi D’Or is a perfect breakfast spot, and has many Halal options that you can try. You can enjoy a variety of sandwiches, coffee, desserts, fruits, juices, waffles, and pancakes with maple syrup!

3. Addis in Dar

Addis in Dar is a famous Ethiopian restaurant that offers fresh and delicious dishes which are flavored with a blend of local spices and herbs. You can try ek alicha wot (chickpeas), yebeg alicha wot (lamb),  or kitfo (minced beef). The affordable prices, refreshing ambience and helpful staff can make your dining experience memorable!

4. Karambezi Cafe

Karambezi allows guests to enjoy the breathtaking view of the ocean while they eat the sweet desserts and delicious continental food. You can enjoy the burgers, wraps, mshikaki, salads, samosa, chicken, beef, sandwiches, shrimp, grilled fish, calamari, wings, and spring rolls!

Calamari Fried Chicken Fingers

Calamari Fried Chicken Fingers, Image Source: jonathanvalencia5 via Pixabay.Com

5. Mamboz Corner BBQ

Mamboz sizgrill is the best Halal barbecue spot where you can enjoy Indian inspired steaks, chicken, beef, and mutton dishes. You can also try the sizzling grilled fish marinated in delicious spicy sauces!

6. Pronto Pizza

If you want pizza for breakfast, Pronto Pizza is the place for you. The mouth watering pizza has a crispy base topped with cheese, onion, chicken, olives, and pepperoni! The eatery offers many options for you to choose from, so you can have a delicious pizza for breakfast!

7. Chattanooga

For those who want Iranian food for breakfast, Chattanooga is an excellent option. The authentic Persian food is presented beautifully. You can enjoy lamb, steak, yogurt, and chicken, and even try a traditional shisha, which can make your experience unforgettable!


Hookah, Image Source: Awesome Sauce Creative via Unsplash.Com

8. Thai Kani

Thai Kani is a great Halal friendly restaurant for seafood lovers. You can enjoy a unique blend of Thai and Japanese cuisines, and have sushi, crab, lobster, octopus, and delicious curries for breakfast!

9. Highland Villas

Go to Highland Villas for barbecued and grilled meat with sides of potatoes, and  salads! The good management, service, and ambience make this one of the best spots for Halal breakfast in Dar Es Salaam.

10. New Zahir

New Zahir is another popular eatery that offers delicious Halal food. For breakfast, you can eat their chicken shawarma, biryani, chapati (flatbread), kebab, and fresh fruit juices!

11. K Tea Shop

Another great Halal spot is K Tea Shop where you can enjoy the best tea and coffee in the city, alongside delicious dishes such as samosa, kebab, egg chops, and mandazi (sweet, fried doughnuts).


Samosa, Image Source: kabircheema via Unsplash.Com

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