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Heading towards Zanzibar is the best way to end an amazing Tanzanian safari trip, with its beautiful white beaches and vibrant coral reefs. There are many amazing places to check out! Here is list compiling some of the best:

Feast at The Rock Restaurant

The Rock Restaurant consists of a beautiful structure crafted in the sparkling clear waters of the Indian Ocean, a tad bit off the shore of the Pingwe Beach. Built on a rock, thus being named ‘The Rock Restaurant’, its slight elevation above water level provide amazing views of the clear aquamarine waves crashing onto the rocks and battling with the shore throughout high and low tides.

It has many different cuisines to choose from, such as the exciting local Swahili, exquisite Mediterranean and familiar European cuisines.

Grabbing a quick bite and watching the sun rise higher with birds gracefully swimming in the soft baby blue sky while basically standing in the Indian Ocean is an experience you definitely should not miss!

The Rock Restaurant Zanzibar

The Rock Restaurant Zanzibar, Image Source: Kichanga.Com

Explore the Menai Bay Conservation Area

The Menai Bay is on the western side of the southern tip of the mainland of the Zanzibar Archipelago. 
The clear turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean calmly lap around the shore, not bothering with its usual antics of playful crashing waves like at other coasts.

The Menai Bay is under protection by the WWF due to the over-fishing which had been occurring in the area. With efforts from the organization and especially from the devoted locals, this marine reserve was made.

Filled with vibrant coral reefs and a colourful array of reef fishes, this is an ideal spot to go scuba diving.

Dhows at Zanzibar Beach

Dhows at Zanzibar Beach, Image Source: ArrivalGuides.Com

Visit the Spectacular Zanzibar Butterfly Center

The Zanzibar Butterfly Center is a small garden with netted walls that houses many different colourful species of butterflies. Their vibrant wings pop out against the dark wooden barks of trees. It’s a very pretty place with flashy sparks of colour and lush green trees standing on soft grass – a picture-perfect stop to visit when travelling along the main road between Paje and Zanzibar Town.

The profits made from this canter help provide support to locals without having them turn to charcoal production or other environmentally unfriendly ways of sustaining the economy of the town. A lot of the money also goes to local conservations and community projects.

Butterfly at Zanzibar Butterfly Centre

Butterfly at Zanzibar Butterfly Centre, Image Source: TrepUp.Com

Wander Around the Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park

The Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park is the only national park in the Zanzibar Archipelago. It rests a little below the center of the mainland and has many trails you could follow along to try and catch sight of the rare and endangered Red Colobus Monkeys endemic to Eastern Africa.

The soft floor is covered with lush grass which curls around your feet or leaves that create a satisfying crunch, with tall strong trees sprouting proudly out of the ground, branches of which wave hello while swaying in the sweet and pleasant breeze.

This national park is the perfect spot to just escape the bustle of city life – an ideal location to reconnect your restless soul to nature and stand in awe at its beauty.

Another perk (although, at this point, do you even need more reasons?) of visiting the serene Jozani park is that the entrance fees goes to supporting and building hospitals and schools in towns and villages.

Monkey at Jozani Forest Zanzibar

Monkey at Jozani Forest Zanzibar, Image Source: ColorsOfZanzibar.Com

View the Ancient Kizimkazi Mosque

As one of Zanzibar’s oldest mosques, the Kizimkazi Mosque holds great cultural and historical value. It dates back to at least the 18th century, but there have been many Kufic writings found which go way back, all the way to the 1100s! Some of its design elements show the Persian influence on the culture and lifestyle.

Its structure, still strong and standing, hints at the brilliant designs and thought process of engineers and constructors of the ancient times.

Kazimkazi Mosque

Kazimkazi Mosque, Image Source: Wikimedia.Org

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Zanzibar and visit these spectacular places!
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