10 Travel Apps For East Africa

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Whether you are visiting East Africa for a wilderness adventure or you’ve come to explore the bright lights of the capital cities, there is so much to do and see in the region. Thus, before you jump on the plane for your next expedition, make sure you have these apps installed on your phone. They’ll guide the way for your visit and make travelling around the region easy.

Here are some of the best travel apps for East Africa:

General Apps

1. Trip Advisor

Be it a hotel or a restaurant or local attractions, TripAdvisor offers all the information you’d need while travelling to East Africa. You can make a decision after reading the genuine reviews of other visitors and travellers. The app also has a map that locates the nearest spots and helps in navigating in a new and unfamiliar area.

Cost: Free | Availability: App Store and Play Store

2. Xe Currency Converter

It is essential to have a currency converter app on your phone while travelling. Remembering one country’s exchange rate may not seem difficult but while making a quick purchase, it becomes a challenge to calculate on your fingertips and judge the value of a product or a service.

Xe currency converter is a free and simple app. With a list of every possible currency in the world, it also offers precise exchange rates that are updated every minute!

Cost: Free | Availability: App Store and Play Store

3. Duolingo

While travelling in East Africa, the biggest challenge you may face is the language barrier. In such a situation, Duolingo App would come in handy. It is a well-designed free app for people who are either trying to learn a new language or are travelling and need help with a quick conversation.

Cost: Free | Availability: App Store and Play Store

4. Weather Underground App

Nothing spoils a trip like an unpredicted downpour. The usual weather apps can give you weather forecast on region basis but to check the hyperlocal weather forecast, the Weather Underground App would come in handy. It does not only provide the weather forecast, but it also shares information pertaining to the cloud cover, temperature, wind speed and direction, humidity and visibility. It also alerts you about extreme weather conditions especially in case of natural disasters like cyclones or flooding.

Cost: Free | Availability: App Store and Play Store

5. TripIt

Planning a trip is no child’s play. From itinerary to budgeting, there are so many things to take care of before you board the plane. Tripit is a free travel app that helps you plan your entire trip. It is very user-friendly and scans your emails to simply forward your booking information to the app so that you can find everything at one place. This information is also available offline so you don’t have to worry about internet connectivity and data charges.

Cost: Free | Availability: App Store and Play Store

6. Safeture

How safe is it to travel across East Africa? While most African destinations are safe to visit, it is always wise to prepare for such situations in unstable regions. Safeture is free and provides the latest safety information from reliable sources all over the world. The app educates you about the local safety warnings, frequently occurring natural disasters and contact details of local emergency units that you can reach out to. Safeture is definitely a must-have on the phone when you are travelling solo!

Cost: Free | Availability: Play Store

7. Tripindigo

We could not complete this list without including our own offering, could we? How else would travellers in East Africa search, compare and book flights in East Africa if not with Tripindigo? 

Cost: Free | Availability: Web App

Safari Specific Apps

8. HerdTracker

HerdTracker is a perfect app for a safari adventure in East Africa. It is created for those who are looking to catch wildebeest migration. It is a web application that plots the location of the wildebeest on its migration journey in real time to Google maps. It calculates distances between your location and the herds. It also suggests accommodation camps in Kenya and Tanzania.

Cost: Free | Availability: Web App

9. Africa: Live

Africa: Live is a must for all safari goers. It allows you to view and share wildlife sighting on your phone. You’ll not only help others spot wildlife, but you also help in collecting data used for wildlife conservation. For example, to spot a lion, users can simply use the map to find them. Africa: Live also has offline maps that help you navigate in park areas with no network.

Cost: Free | Availability: App Store 

10. The Kingdon Field Guide to African Mammals

It is not possible to know all the necessary information about the wildlife species you will encounter on an East African Safari trip. The Kingdon Field Guide to African Mammals is an app that helps you identify animals with images, distribution maps, and information on other species that can be found in East African Safaris. Just select a region and it will provide you with all the information you need to make the best out of your safari trip.

Cost: $15 | Availability: App Store

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