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Best Water Activities in Mombasa

Located on the Kenyan coast along the Indian Ocean, Mombasa is an aquatic playground offering stunning beaches, crystal clear water and beautiful marine life. The city boasts a wide range of action-packed water sports activities to enjoy, from jet skiing to scuba diving. If you are in Mombasa and looking for something fun to do, you might consider giving one of these water activities a try!

1. Scuba Diving

There are several places to scuba dive in Mombasa but there is a special spot in Watamu. There is a historic shipwreck in the Mida Creek Lagoon in the Watamu Marine Park that is exciting and fun to explore.

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving in Watamu Marine Park, Image Source: MagicalKenya.Com

2. Kitesurfing

Mombasa offers the perfect kite holiday for the kitesurfing enthusiasts. There are several spots that offer this activity and they come with full kite centre facilities and amenities. You can get a little adventurous in the night with the full moon kiting or you can do the sundowner kiting during the glorious sunset hours. There are professionals every step of the way to offer assistance.


Kitesurfer in Action, Image Source: EnSafari.Com

3. Whale Sharks Encounters

Yes, this one can be said to be a sport too! Whale sharks are slow-moving filter feeding sharks and among the largest fish species roaming the sub-tropical oceans. These sharks can be easily spotted while on boats in Mombasa and expert divers can have a go at swimming with this large fish. (Only expert divers)

4. Jet skiing

There are different jet skis at various places in Mombasa to suit every person’s desire from the versatile jet skis to the super jets for the adrenaline junkies. Your safety is guaranteed if you’re a beginner and as such you get lessons from trained professionals and the jet skis have lifesaver jackets in case you fall into the water.

Jet skiing

Getting ready to take off on a Jet Skiing adventure, Image Source: JetSki-Kenya.Com

5. Kayaking

Kayaks are usually propelled by double-bladed paddles and can be a nice albeit nerve-racking adventure. Participants have to synchronise the rowing and paddling and also push back the water so as to accelerate the movement. If you skip arm day at the gym this one might be tricky because it will require quite the effort from your hands and arms. There are several water sports centres offering kayaking in Diani, Tudor Creek, Bamburi Beach and many others.


Kayaking on the open sea in Mombasa, Image Source: Kenya-Coast.Com

6. Windsurfing

The Kenyan coast generally experiences favourable windy conditions therefore visitors can enjoy windsurfing while there. The Galu Beach with its turquoise coloured water and good windy conditions is perhaps the best to windsurf at. High waves and strong winds will give the pros the thrill and fun they crave and there are lessons for beginners too. The equipment and gear are readily available at various windsurfing spots for hire.


Windsurfing like a pro, Image Source: H2O-Extreme.Com

7. Banana-Boat Rides

This one is a non-motorised water activity which is fun for solo visitors as well as those with family because even the kids can participate and enjoy this one. Experience the thrills and excitement and also get wet as you skim over the water. Giant inflatable banana-like rafts are used and they can accommodate five people. These rafts are piloted by experts at fun speeds as they try to make you fall into the water. Sounds like some good fun.

Banana-Boat Rides

Fun Banana Boat Ride, Image Source: GetMyBoat.Com

8. Flyboarding

Flyboarding is a relatively new fun activity in the coast of Kenya. You are propelled up to 20 feet in the air using a pair of water-powered jetpack boots. The rush and thrill of it all will leave you feeling like a superhero from your favourite movie. Qualified instructors are at hand to teach and instruct you on how to defy gravity and enjoy this activity.


Experiencing Flyboarding in Mombasa, Image Source: GetMyBoat.Com

9. Knee Boarding

In knee boarding, the paddler rides the board in a kneeling position and performs tricks upon the waves. A rubber pad for the knees is provided and is most often towed behind a speeding motorboat to bring on the excitement and the adrenaline rush. The speedboat captain controls the speed taking the dare-devils on a wild ride and the armatures on a mild ride. The highly trained and experienced crew are available to guide you through this for both beginners and the pros too. You can experience this water activity on Bamburi Beach, located about 20-minutes from Mombasa.

10. Snorkelling

Get to indulge in an underwater adventure as you snorkel off the welcoming waters on the reef of Diani beach in the Indian Ocean. Marvel upon dolphins, sea turtles, octopus, and other incredible marine species. Snorkelling gear is available for hire and a trained guide is inset to give you pointers to enhance your experience.


Snorkelling in Mombasa

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