Cycling Through East Africa: From Kenya to Tanzania

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Biking across East Africa can be an incredible experience for cycling lovers and adventure travellers. Although it may seem a bit intimidating to the ordinary traveller. The culture, lifestyle and landscapes you will encounter will make you fall in love with this destination.

Road Cycling And Mountain Biking in Kenya and Tanzania

Biking in Kenya is an enjoyable sport which can help someone with fitness while exploring and sightseeing. At the same time, you de-stress and have a chance to bond with friends so if you want to explore Kenya deep consider doing so by bike.

Kenya has some excellent potential for off Road Mountain biking and this sport is quickly becoming a popular activity. as the majority of people like to do physical outdoor activities nowadays. The upside of biking is that it comes along with fun activities such as bird watching and picnicking.

In Tanzania, cycling is mainly used as a means of transport to many local people in different areas, especially for the people who have a lower income. Only tourist use bicycles for fun activities as more often than not Tanzanian people are not fans of outdoor activities.

Cycle From Nairobi to Dar Es Salaam

If you are a cycling enthusiast and looking for a once in a lifetime experience then trekking from Nairobi in Kenya to Dar es Salaam in Tanzania by bicycle is something you should seriously consider. The distance is approximately 672.91 kilometres and you will undoubtedly spend many hours on teh saddle. But we can guarantee that the adventure will be unforgettable and its a great way to experience the people, culture, wildlife and landscapes of these two amazing countries.

Equipment You Will Need

Ever asked yourself what type of bike you require for biking in East Africa? In my opinion, a steel frame bike with a minimal bike-packing kit is absolutely ideal for touring in Africa.

A steel frame is rugged and repairable in the event of a catastrophe. And, one of the beautiful things about bike-packing style bag setup — versus panniers — is that it doesn’t rely on racks. And that’s one less thing to worry about breaking. Not to mention the weight savings and the fact that riding your bike will actually feel like you are riding a bike, instead of pedalling a tank.

Africa Gear List

Africa Gear List, Image Source: BikePacking.Com

How To Get Started

Following the East Africa biking trails with a starting point in Kenya would take up to seven days to cover through Kisumu, Kericho, the Rift Valley towns of Lake Nakuru, Gilgil, Naivasha band on to Nairobi, before heading southwards, crossing the River Athi and onto the highway to the Namanga border post, crossing into Tanzania.

Most of the trip will cover routes far from any busy roads or main tourist traffic routes and gives you the opportunity to really get out amongst the locals in rural Africa. The route takes you through every scene imaginable from a rural area to urban settings between Kenya and Tanzania.

Don't Forget Your Visa

If you are only planning to travel in a single country, apply for the visa online in advance of your arrival. If you plan on visiting across East Africa countries, you should plan on obtaining an East African Tourist (EAT) Visa also Consider carrying a couple of extra passports sized photos with you just in case you need them.

Be Alert When Entering Tanzania

As you enter Tanzania you will have to be alert and take into consideration that African wildlife can be dangerous. But it’s the Safari Land Rover that most cyclists need to watch out for with their full speed in the rough or tarmac roads.

The animal and insects that are most likely to cause problems for cyclists in East Africa is the mosquito then the first runner-up tsetse flies and second, the baboon. Tsetse flies won’t be a nuisance everywhere — mostly around or in parks or game reserves — but when they come around, watch out. Their bite is painful and potentially dangerous. To ward off the flies, wear neutral-coloured clothing. Tsetses are attracted to bright colours and very dark colours. Blue and black seem to be their favourites.

Bikes besides a hat


We Recommend Hitching a Ride to Kilimanjaro

From Namanga boarder hitching a van to Kilimanjaro and spend a night at Olpopongi Maasai village where you have a BBQ dinner at the campfire and watch a Maasai performance. From Kilimanjaro 8 day Cycling shall start with sightseeing of Africa free standing Mountain Kilimanjaro, going west to Materuni Waterfalls, Coffee plantations in Rau, transfer to Mkomazi National Park, Tanga, Magoroto Forest estate to across Saadani National Park, Bagamoyo and end up in Dar Es Salaam.

Beach Cycling


Be Safe On Your Adventure

In order to enjoy biking adventure, you have to be in groups with a local guide and support van will guide you on this fascinating exploration of Kenya and Tanzania.

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