Nairobi’s Most Beautiful Camping Sites

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15 Camping Spots in Nairobi You Just Have to Visit

When the weather is all warm outside and you are around family and friends, one of the most interesting outdoor activities that you can get into that would involve everybody is camping. Nairobi has many picturesque locations where you can go camping and enjoy great outdoor fun. Here are some of the amazing camping spots in Nairobi.

1.  Nairobi Tented Camp

Situated at the Nairobi National Park, the camp has 8 tents for accommodations which offer en-suite bathrooms, gas and kerosene stoves and sheepskin rugs. You would get an amazing view of the Kisembe Valley and other nearby forests and you could join the guided walk to the valley. Another thrilling aspect is the daily and nightly safari excursions organized at this camp.

Nairobi Tented Camp

Nairobi Tented Camp: by Nairobitentedcamp

2.   Wildebeest Eco Camp

This camp is serene and would be great for a romantic getaway or timeout with family. The tents are well furnished for comfort and the foods offered are great. They offer a complimentary breakfast and serve drinks and beverages on request throughout the day. It is the perfect place to revamp from all the stress of the city life as it’s located in a secluded area in Nairobi.

Wildebeest Eco Camp

Wildebeest Eco Camp

3.  Oloolua Nature Trail

For a day camping experience without lodging, this 5-km trail would bring you as closest as you can get to nature. It is ideal for a small picnic with friends and family as you can just throw a mat under the shade and relax. You could also get some activity on walking the trail. You will find a beautiful spread of trees, bamboos, a small cave and a beautiful waterfall.

4.  Nairobi National Park

This is a perfect camping ground to visit if you are interested in seeing wildlife.  The vast savannah landscape would keep you occupied and if you are lucky to visit during feeding times for the animals, it would be a thrilling unforgettable experience for you. There are no entry fees and it is open to the public from 8 am to 7 pm.

Nairobi National Park

Nairobi National Park: by Femmehub

5.  The Nairobi Arboretum

The park offers a tranquil atmosphere for a cool camping experience. You will find different species of trees and picnic sites where you can relax and take in the natural scenery around you. The place is sometimes used as wedding reception venues and other occasions. Thus, on such days you might not be able to gain entry. However, it is usually not crowded and you can do anything from jogging to sightseeing.

6.  Karura Forest

This is a forest right in the urban centre of Kenya's capital city. It is a great place to take a walk or get some miles on your running, cycle during the dry season or just pitch a tent and have a nice time. You will find many trees and a great collection of other plants and flowers with some animals. There are beautiful waterfalls and caves which makes the sightseeing all the more pleasurable.

7.  Kilima Camp

Situated on the western border of the Maasai Mara National Reserve, the camp has an impressive view of the Masai Mara and the river. You will not only discover nature and animals but also the dynamic culture of the people. They offer classic and luxury tents and have a variety of exciting activities for campers which include bush walks, horse riding, game drives and ballooning.

Kilima Camp

Kilima Camp

8.  Leleshwa Camp

Located in the Greater Maasai Mara region, Leleshwa is a small secluded camp where you can have a private experience with your family or friends. They have interesting wildlife activities which include a game drive at dawn where you would come across Impalas, gazelles, hyenas, and lions. You can even get a hot-air balloon safari upon request.

Leleshwa Camp

Leleshwa Camp

9.  Lake Paradise Special Campsite, Marsabit National Park

True to its name, this is a definite paradise far from the noise of the city. You will find the lake enchantingly set in the middle of a forest that is home to several animals and plants. You are likely to encounter some lions, buffalos, and elephants coming to drink at the lake. There are rangers on the site to ensure campers' safety. 

Lake Paradise

Lake Paradise Special Campsite

10.  Nairobi Mamba Village

If you love reptiles, especially crocodiles you would definitely have a great time at this park. You will find many crocodiles and you can even get to see them eat during the feeding time. Most amazing of all, the guides allow you actually hold a baby croc in your hands! There are also some turtles and ostriches to see.

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Nairobi Mamba Village Enhols

11.  Acacia Camp Nairobi

Situated on Magadi Road, Acacia Camp is a laid-back camp with affordable rates for lodging. They have ample space on the outdoors so guests can easily pitch their own tents. There are also clean public toilet and bathrooms to use on the campsite. You can get a good meal and drink at the restaurant and bar also onsite.

Acacia Camp Nairobi

Acacia Camp Nairobi

12.  Rowallan National Scouts Camp

This camp is managed by the Kenyan Scouts Movement. They provide lodging facilities but they also allow groups to pitch their own tents and cater for their own feeding. It is a great place to organize track and trail events for young people and to generally enjoy the outdoors. 

Rowallan Camp

Rowallan National Scouts Camp Afrikentravel

13.  AngaAfrikas Luxury Tents

Camping and luxury are often seen as opposite terms but at this place, you can get both in the real sense of the word. Located in the Karen neighbourhood in Nairobi, the rural ambience and greenery around make it the perfect environment for camping. It is within close proximity to some popular safari locations and thus a perfect stopover.

AngaAfrikas Luxury Tents

AngaAfrikas Luxury Tents

14. Indaba Campsite

Located in the serene Karen area of Nairobi, this camp only caters to tourists and is not open to the Kenyan public. They offer a safe and relaxed environment. They offer boarding and dining facilities that can cater for up to four groups simultaneously.

15.  Karen Camp

This camp offers various accommodation options to suit each visitor’s taste. They have safari tents right on the open fields, dorm rooms, en-suite and non-en-suite rooms and larger rooms to cater to families. It is a nice place to stop over on your trip around Kenya and you can have a nice time relaxing under the shade of the plentiful trees on site.

Spend the Night Under the Stars

If you planning your next getaway, why not give camping a go? Spend the night under the stars and experience the more tranquil side of Nairobi.

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