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Chumbe Island is a beautiful tropical island in East Africa, about 6 kilometers west of the big island of Zanzibar and approximately 30 miles off the coast of Tanzania. A 45-minute boat ride will take you to this small, magical island where hospitality is more than just a business, but a way of life! Discover the island’s coral reef coral rag forest and sanctuary, unwind in our unique eco-bungalows, and savor traditional Zanzibari cuisine while supporting our conservation and education efforts!

Have a glimpse of the Chumbe Island Day Trio Guide in this article. Below are the various destinations you can have on the Chumbe Island Day Trip

Snorkeling Excursions

Guests visiting the Chumbe Reef Sanctuary can enjoy snorkeling excursions to see many different types of coral and their equally diverse marine inhabitants.

Barracudas can hunt in the reefs, while dolphins frolicking in the depths provide an enchanting sight. Scuba diving is not permitted at Chumbe due to the fragility of the marine biome.

Viewing Delicate  Marine

The tide dances on and off the sandbars, leaving pools in the rock formations. During your dream vacation on Chumbe Island, you will enjoy viewing the delicate marine creatures that have become stranded in the pools. You can take photos of oysters, starfish, shellfish, crabs, and other invertebrates as they wait for the tide to come in.

Enjoy The View Of Coconut Crabs.

Make the most of your evening by joining the Rangers on a night walk to the forest’s edge, searching for the giant but elusive coconut crabs.


These largest living land crabs can grow to be one meter long from leg to leg and weigh up to four kilograms. They can climb coconut trees and crack the nuts open.


Chumbe Island Coral Park, CHICOP


This is an award-winning private nature park located just off the coast of Zanzibar. It was founded in 1991 after the formerly uninhabited Chumbe Island was identified as one of its last pristine coral islands.


After a short boat ride on a traditional boat, check into one of the fabulous zero-impact bungalows, which have been specially designed to honor African building traditions and local materials. Each bungalow is self-contained.


After all, the awes and sighs, walk the hour-long forest trail to see more than 80 bird species, numerous reptiles and insects, and the endangered Ader’s antelope. Another gem is the breathtaking view from the lighthouse, which is well worth the 132 steps. The lighthouse, built-in 1904, is still an important navigational aid.


Book Accommodation at Chumbe Island Resort

The bungalows are partially exposed to the environment, and as the mist settles in, they can become slippery, and are straightforward but tidy. The real draw of Chumbe resorts is the one-of-a-kind chance to leave western anticipations and ‘touristy’ vacation packages—no handsets, no TVs, no loud music. Chumbe Island is not suitable for young singles, families with small children, or teenagers.


The Bungalows are located near the beach and feature a double or twin room under a palm-thatched canopy, bathrooms with showers, and a living room area. The color scheme is traditional African in style. All food, fizzy drinks, excursions, yacht transfers, and snorkeling are included in the Chumbe Island experience (except for alcoholic beverages).

Bottom Line

You can magnify the beauty of Zanzibar, but Chumbe Island is more beautiful. As a result, day trips to Chumbe Island are possible. However, as a Marine Protected Area (MPA), they carefully manage the number of guests on the island at any given time.

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