7 Phenomenal Coral Reefs on the Kenyan Coast

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The beautiful country of Kenya is home to some of the most fascinating coral reefs of the world. These reefs are treasured for their beauty and biodiversity. Kenya's alluring beaches together with these magnificent reefs are guaranteed to stun the visitor and make your vacation unique and unforgettable!

Best Way To Experience These Reefs

The best way to explore these reefs is by getting a local tour guide and participating in most available activities. Tourists should not shy away from new experiences. Exploring the coast is an exceptional experience that must be treasured by the tourist. However, visitors must be mindful while exploring. They should seek to partake in ecotourism and enlist the help of local businesses and workers to support the economy. To play a part in the protection of the reefs, visitors should:

  • Be careful not to pollute the water or the beaches,
  • Support locals who help in conservation, raise awareness,
  • Promote sustainable fishing,  and
  • Actively work against harmful activities such as spearfishing.

The reefs of Kenya is enchanting and unique and should be visited by lovers of nature, adventure, beauty, and knowledge!

7 Beautiful Reefs Great For Snorkelling & Diving In Kenya

If you looking to experience some of Kenya's magic with an underwater safari. Pack your diving or snorkelling equipment, take to the ocean and head out to one of these magical spots.

1. Mombasa Marine National Park

Mombasa Island is home to millions of marine creatures such as crabs, jellyfish, lionfish, angelfish, sea urchin, sharks, octopuses, zebrafish,  and starfish. The Reserve offers exciting experiences such as boating, snorkelling, and scuba diving. Made unforgettable by its breathtaking views of white sandy beaches, and crystal clear water, Mombasa is one of the best tourist attractions in the Kenyan coast. The coral reef has vibrant colours and many species of corals such as favia, sinularia, pavona, and blue coral.


A bloom of Jellyfish lighting up the ocean

2. Wasini Island

Another enchanting destination is Wasini Island where the Dhow Tour allows tourists to locate dolphins and turtles, as well as the beautiful coral. Visitors can choose to snorkel and see the rocky corals and underwater world from a unique viewpoint.

3. Diani Chale Marine Park

This beautiful park allows visitors to partake in marine activities such as sailing, snorkelling, traditional dhow fishing trips, windsurfing, and glass-bottom boat rides. The glass-bottom boat allows tourists to explore underwater life without having to go into the ocean. They can just sit back and relax in the boat and watch marine life and vibrant corals through the glass! In 1995, the park was established to protect the endangered species of marine life, and protect the delicate coral reef.

corel rocks

Colourful Coral Rocks

4. Malindi

This delightful destination offers beauty, history, and culture. Tourists can see tombs, palaces, courts, and artefacts. At Malindi Marine Park, tourists can enjoy a glass-bottom boat, swim with fish, snorkel in the coral garden, or walk on the magnificent beach. The park offers enchanting sights such as mangroves, coral gardens, and fringing reefs

5. Kisite-Mpunguti Marine National Park

Situated in the southern coast of Kenya, this park houses some of the most stunning marine life in the world. The reef is home to rays, blue-lined snappers, angelfish, dolphins, sharks, green sea turtles, butterflyfish, moray eels, damselfish, oysters, and barracuda. The snorkelling experience allows guests to safely watch aquatic life, examine the coral reefs, or even witness the sight of dolphins playing with one another!


Starfish stranded onshore

6. Watamu

For those who wish to practice ecotourism, the small village of Watamu is a wonderful option as it offers many opportunities for sustainable tourism. The area houses many habitats such as intertidal rock, coral cliffs, and the Mida Creek mangrove forest. Turtle Beach is a great destination for relaxing, sunbathing, and swimming. The reef at Watamu Marine Park is close to the shore making it the perfect spot for beginner snorkelers.

7. Kiunga Marine National Reserve

This spectacular park has approximately 50 offshore islands, which are home to coral reefs, sea turtles, olive ridley, reef fish, dugongs, seagrass, and mangrove forests. The reserve is a great destination for tourists who want to relax and sunbathe or participate in activities such as water skiing and surfing etc.


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