10 Exciting Day Trips to Do In and Around Arusha

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Take in the Beautiful Sights and Sounds of Arusha With These Awesome Day Adventures

Often referred to as the safari capital of Tanzania, Arusha is situated at the foot of Mt. Meru, in the northern highlands of the country. One of the best ways to explore Arusha is to go hiking and explore the city and its environs on your two feet.

There are several challenging, beautiful and rewarding trails to explore at your leisure around the city, and they are well worth the effort. Let’s take a look at exciting day trips and tours in and around Arusha.

1. Hiking Mt Meru

Located inside the Arusha National Park, Mt. Meru provides for an adventure filled trek on its foothills. The trek usually begins at the Tengeru Cultural Centre on the slopes of the mountain. Along the way, you will see amazing greenery, different types of animals and just have fun with the group you’re hiking with. Mt. Meru has 10 different hiking routes so you’re bound to enjoy the trek depending on how many routes you’re willing to do.


Hiking Mt Meru

2. Lake Manyara National Park

Day Safari Get a chance to explore and experience the wildlife via a drive from Arusha to Lake Manyara National Park. While there, you will see some animals including hippos, wildebeests, and elephants among others. The highlight over there though is usually the climbing lions.


Lake Manyara National Park

3. Tour Ngorongoro Conservation Area

This tour through Ngorongoro Conservation Area provides an opportunity to visit the world’s largest volcanic caldera, Ngorongoro Crater, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You’ll also have a chance to get up-close-and-personal with a variety of wildlife species including the Tanzania Maasai giraffe. The crater is breathtaking, to say the least, you’ll get to learn about the crater, its great biodiversity as well as the grasslands and woodlands that provide shelter and food for the wildlife species. You can also enjoy a picnic lunch; it’s an experience you shouldn’t miss.

4.Chemka Hot Springs

A little over 60 kilometres from Arusha in the Kilimanjaro region, you will find this underground springs with crystal clear water. It’s a perfect way to cool off after that Kilimanjaro climb or forest safari. You can camp on the shore and enjoy some sunshine and snacks if you don’t really want to take a dip in the naturally heated hot springs.


Chemka Hot Springs

5. Day Trip to Tarangire

In the south of Arusha lies the stunning Tarangire National Park. Of all the northern parks in Tanzania, Tarangire Park has the largest number of elephants in that region. It makes for a delightful day trip to explore wildlife and there’s plenty of it including bushbucks, fringe-eared Oryx, spotted hyena, cheetahs, bohor reedbuck amongst others.


Day Trip to Tarangire

6. Arusha City Tour

This is usually a walking tour at a leisurely pace, to allow you to explore the city of Arusha, and discover its unique attractions. You’ll have the opportunity to visit some of the main sites, meet the locals and learn more about their local lifestyle. You can stop by the craft shops, the museum; see the monuments and the central market


Arusha City

7. Bike in Arusha National Park

This is relatively new in Tanzanian parks but definitely a great adventure to indulge in. Imagine biking in the wilderness past giraffes and other animals! These tours are led by professional bike guides and you are also accompanied by a park ranger who is well vast about the park and the biking tracks. It takes about 6 hours so you will need to pack some stamina to pedal on this adventure.


Biking in Arusha National Park

8. Community Tours

Explore what life is like on a day to day for the communities in the Tengeru village on the slopes of Mt. Meru just a short drive from Arusha. You get there by bus and take a small walking tour to enjoy the community visit. Get to enjoy a traditional meal at a local family home, sip local coffee as well as roast your own coffee on a visit to the village coffee farm. An expert guide is at hand to take you through this day trip.

9. Visit the Meserani Snake Park

Located 25km from Arusha on the way to The Serengeti and Ngorongoro, this snake park will give you the thrill you’re looking for. It is home to some of the most deadly snakes in the world, and a variety of other reptiles. There are expert guides that are thoroughly knowledgeable about snakes and will give you a full educational tour about the many different types of snakes in the park.

10. Gemstone Tour Experience

If you’re obsessed with stones and gemstones, Arusha is just the place for you. Take local tours to visit various shops that house Tanzanite and learn about the rarity and history of this quite unique gemstone that is unique and original to Tanzania.

Make a Day of It

Explore Arusha differently with this list of great adventures to help you get the best out of this city.

We'd love to hear from you If you have anything to add to our list or would like to tell us about your experience give us a shout!

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