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Kenya is a country that is rich in culture, beauty, and amazing food. Part of any good trip is learning how the locals eat and getting off the beaten path to experience it yourself. Here are a few foods that you will have to try to have an authentic Kenyan experience when you are planning your trip to this gem of a country.

What is the Influence of Kenyan Food?

Kenya has been inhabited for years. There are many recipes that focus on the agrarian background of the people. There have been people trading with the Middle East since the beginning of history. The Portuguese then arrived around 1498 and began as well to share their cooking techniques with the region along with the Middle Eastern spices. The food is a mixture of all the influences of the regions as well as what was native to the region.

How Do I Respect Kenyan Manners?

It is important to understand that Kenya is a Muslim nation and that it is important to respect all these manners. In Muslim table etiquette men, women, and children all sit and eat separately. That also means that men are served first at the table, then women, and lastly children. In addition to that, it is important to follow all the table manners of the region.

Whether you are eating in a house or you are eating in a restaurant, there are things that need to be observed. Firstly, it is important to wash your hands before and after a meal. In addition to that, you should never eat with your left hand. Always use your right hand to eat and use a spoon or a fork with the right hand. Also never touch the table or anything else with the left hand. If there is one bowl or one dish it is important to eat from and use that communal dish.


This is a very common food and a regular staple of most of the people in Kenya. This is a paste that is made from potato and corn. It pairs perfectly with meat or with vegetables of any kind and will taste amazing in any kind of weather.

Sukuma Wiki:

This is served normally with Ugali and is a great meal and part of the food that Kenyans eat every day. It is normally sliced and then fried with tomatoes as well as onions. This is served many times a day.


This is a fried flatbread that is like Naan. They are rolled and then they are stuffed with a crispy outside and a stuffing of beef or vegetables. They are also served with other dishes like stew, and veggies.


This is a mix of potatoes, corn, and peas. This mix is served with stew as well as with beans, also sometimes with the wiki.


This is a soup that is made with coconut curry and kidney beans. It is amazing in flavour and texture as well when you mix it with rice.

Kuku Choma:

This is a style of roasted meat that is slow roasted with coals and salt. Sometimes it is also served with salsa that is called kachumbari.

Kenyan Stew:

This is a mix of veggies, potato, carrots and many other kinds of spices that are then served with rice.


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