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Kenya is a country that prides itself on its strategic location in the Eastern horn of Africa bordering the large mass of water in the Indian Ocean.

Blessed with a unique climate that gives its abundance of landscape, vegetation, and Wildlife a nitch to call home Kenya has it all.

From vast lands for safari travels, camps and beaches are sure to enjoy a treat like never before and wish to stick around for a while.

In Kenya be sure to view most wild animals including the big five and the very green vegetation covering the land, besides its sandy beaches covered with beautiful palm trees the Kenyan cities are another beauty for great nightlife.

This article will be highlighting some of the notable places you should visit and Five Must Do’s in Kenya when you are around the country thus an essential guide to Kenya travel.

Rift Valley

The long Rift Valley has shattered eastern Africa, leaving behind a trail of lakes, islands, and lush oases.

Naivasha has over 400 species of birds, flitting about amongst the hippos, Elementaita is a deep blue soda lake, attracting white pelicans, and Baringo has a floating restaurant. 

Geological activity continues in the Rift, with hot springs and steam vents bubbling from the deep.

Also, many restaurants and lodges at the gift of this nature to Kenya are ready to accommodate visitors coming from all over the world with open arms.

The Masai Mara

This national reserve is synonymous with both wildlife and the Maasai tribes. 

A stage for the Great Migration, the mara sees some two million wildebeest and zebras spilling into it from Jun-Oct – if they survive the precarious Mara River crossing.

The surrounding Maasai conservancies give the chance to spend time with these fascinating people, with bush walks, village visits, and warrior training lessons.

The Kenyan Coastline

Kenya’s coastline can rival that of any tropical island from the luxurious resorts to secluded keys, sprinkled in the warm Indian Ocean. 

Diani’s 10km of white sands are a classic, palm-fringed retreat to check out the reefs and the colobus monkeys.

Lamu offers archaeological sites as well as beaches, and Malindi the Italian favorite has a cluster of affordable hotels, restaurants, and bars.

Enjoy Bike Rides

Africa is rarely thought of as a destination for cyclists.

With so many trails and untouched lands, Kenya is best suited for cyclists.

Even less so in the animal-filled wildernesses of Kenya. But it’s catching on. 

Cyclists can cover more ground than walking safaris while getting up close to wildlife and experiencing being out in this phenomenal landscape. 

Do Safari Drive

You can be watching a million wildebeest attempting to cross the Mara River without getting eaten by the wild cats tracking the huge herds in Amboseli.

And also watch the icy peak of Mount Kilimanjaro from Tsavo.

You can also visit the highly endangered black and white rhino, or also go around the Amboseli and Tsavo to view large herds of elephants making Kenya the king of game safaris.

Try and squeeze in a walking safari too or a nighttime game drive in a conservancy.

Taste Game Meat at the Nairobi Carnivore

The Capital city of Kenya and one of the most famous cities around Africa for its growth and most notably the only city with a park in Africa has famous restaurants and one Carnivore where visitors are treated to eat the wildlife they’ve just seen in the parks

After a tiresome trip around the city and its park, you can treat yourself to a wonderful evening at the carnivore and enjoy game meat and many other exorbitant things.

Be sure to find accommodation and a nightclub at the carnivore.

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