Essential Packing List for Kenya – Guide 2021

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Kenya is a fascinating place to visit on your next vacation. It offers beautiful landscapes, scenic views, serene, lush forests, and majestic wildlife that will take your breath away. Kenya also offers many opportunities to explore and learn about the culture and history of the tribes. It is an educational, enlightening, adventurous, and soulful journey. However, before you leave for your journey, you need to prepare yourself. Travelling to Kenya may be exciting, but you need to make sure you have the essential items packed.


  1. Clothing – Make sure you pack light, comfortable, and breathable clothing because the safaris are gruelling, and the weather can get scorching. Also, there will be many mosquitos and insects; therefore, make sure you do not pack too many tank tops and shorts. Here are some more ideas:
    1. Buttoned Up Shirts/Blouses will be perfect for a casual romantic dinner by the beach
    2. Cargo pants are perfect for trekking and safaris
    3. Cozy clothes if you plan to visit the western side of the country
    4. Pack a raincoat if you are travelling during the rainy season (late April to early August)
    5. Footwear – Depending on your itinerary, you may want to keep footwear that you can use on any occasion.
      1. Hiking shoes will be ideal for your safaris and treks.
      2. Lightweight casual shoes, slides, flipflops, or sandals can be used to roam the city
    6. Accessories – you may want to consider keeping the following accessories:
      1. Sunglasses/shades
      2. Caps, hats, or any other headwear to protect you from the heat
  • Binoculars
  1. First Aid Kit – If you plan to go on treks or safaris, consider carrying a first aid kit with you throughout your expeditions.
  2. Medication– Although if you are careful, you may not need the medication. However, we recommend that you have the following medication on you at all times:
    1. Malaria Pills
    2. Diarrhea antibiotics
    3. Diabetes medication/insulin (if you have diabetes)
    4. Inhaler (if you have breathing problems)
    5. Antacid
    6. Aspirin
    7. Saline nose spray
  3. Other health-related essentials:
    1. Sunscreen
    2. Mosquito/Insect repellents
    3. Bed nets
    4. Water bottles
    5. Hand Sanitizers and Wet Wipes
    6. Moisturizers
    7. Lip Balm
    8. Vitamins/Supplements
  4. Electronics:
    1. Universal adapters and a portable charger/power bank
    2. Cameras (and all the associated travelling equipment)
    3. Flashlight
  5. Documents – Given that you will be exploring the city, it is essential to carry your documents with you at all times (passport, ID, visa). Consider investing in a good-quality travel bag, cross bag, or passport holder to carry all these documents safely.
  6. Currency – It is recommended to keep Shillings and US Dollars with you. You will need some spare money to get from the airport to your hotel and having some spare shillings would be helpful. The US dollars are easily exchangeable once you are in Kenya.

Kenya is an exciting, fun, and life-changing journey. We want you to be prepared and be ready for everything that will come your way. You can also check out 8 Things to Know Before you Visit the Maasai Mara to learn more about the wonders of Kenya.

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