Essential Travel Safety Tips You Need to Know

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Traveling is the most liberating, exciting and adventurous experience that you can go on, provided you have a safe journey. Traveling to a new country or city can be intimidating, which is why you need to take all the safety precautions you can.
Here are essential travel safety tips you need to know when traveling to East Africa:

Health Safety

Yellow Fever Injection

Yellow Fever Injection, Image Source: LongSaultTravelClinic.Com

  • Get all the essential vaccinations done for diseases that are prevalent in the country you’re traveling to. For example, if you’re going to East Africa, you should get yourself vaccinated against yellow fever, rabies, hepatitis B and hepatitis A. Also, get booster doses for tetanus and typhoid. This is essential especially if you’re going to go on a safari or other activities where you could fall down and hurt yourself. Take anti-malarial prophylaxis too if you’re going to East Africa. Check out more about Vaccination and Health for travel in East Africa. 
  • Drink bottled water wherever you go! If bottled water isn’t available, boil the water that’s available and then strain it so that you kill all the germs.
  • Pack an appropriate first aid kit for your ventures and keep it with you wherever you go.
  • Don’t touch your face with your hands.
  • Always have a sanitizer with you!
Medical Kit

Medical Kit, Image Source: Grainger.Com

Financial Safety

  • Carry two credit/debit cards with you in case one of them gets blocked.
  • Get a suitable money belt to keep all your money safely tucked away.
  • Don’t carry expensive jewelry with you.
  • Don’t take extra devices and gadgets you won’t need. 
  • Always keep your hotel room locked! Carry extra pad locks with you to lock your luggage too.
Finacial Safety

Financial Safety, Image Source: TrendyTech.Pk

Wildlife Safety Tips

  • Don’t get too close to the animals on your safaris! They’re wild animals, after all. 
  • Don’t be unsettled around the animals. Stay calm and don’t provoke them.
  • Avoid using your flashlight at night game drives. If you want to take photos, capture them during the day. The flash can scare or provoke nocturnal animals.
  • Always listen to the guide who’s accompanying you! If they tell you not to get out of the safari van, don’t be a daredevil! Follow their safety instructions.
Wildlife Safety

Wildlife Safety, Image Source: Geographical.Co.Uk

Other Safety Tips

  • Always keep the doors closed and the windows up when you’re in a car.
  • Scan your passport and other important documents and have multiple copies stored in different bags.
  • Don’t go out alone at night for walks.
  • Respect the local religion, customs and traditions. Don’t mock any of them!
  • If you encounter a police officer, always talk with respect. Have your guide talk to them in case of any trouble.
  • Research about the place you’re going before you go. You should know the area thoroughly. Look for reviews of other tourists about the particular area!

Passport, Image Source: CnTraveler.Com

So, what are you waiting for? Follow these safety tips and have a great vacation!

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