6 Fascinating Family Vacation Spots in Kenya

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Travelling overseas is one of the many highlights you and your loved ones will share for the rest of your lives. It’s more exciting when you share new thrilling adventures, discover new places, and learn new experiences with your family.

Start packing your things, tick off your African travel bucket list in Kenya, and book a holiday to see these six fascinating places that are a must-visit.  

1. Malindi Marine National Park

This oldest marine park boasts a vast National Park located within the Malindi-Watamu biosphere off the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya. It has plenty of attractions where beautiful coral reefs, tropical fish, barracuda, turtles, and dolphins are seen.

Malindi Park is a kid-friendly place, and you can enjoy activities with your children, such as glass-bottom boat rides and tours, snorkelling lessons, and trips to vibrant coral reefs. 

If you’re up to the more fabulous adventure, then go scuba diving as a family.  

Visiting the park is a fun adventure where your family can be with the wonders of Mother Nature.  

2. Southern Rift Valley

If your family is up to something more geologically challenging, then The Great Rift Valley is a place to visit.

This geographical beauty splits Africa into two, resulting from being one of the most stunning landscapes.

The Southern Rift Valley is one of the tourist attractions in Kenya perfect for family vacations. Here, you can find almost any natural scenery there is, from forests and wildlife to volcanic mountains, to the deepest, largest and oldest lakes in the world. 

Southern Rift Valley is a real picture-perfect place to show the natural beauty of nature. Traversing from Nairobi to Nakuru with better roads, you’ll find the most picturesque child-friendly parks. Moreover, this place brags of perfect weather all year-round, which makes it more feasible to visit with children.  

What to do in the Great Rift Valley? Visit Lake Nakuru National Park and see the glaring shadow of Soda Lake where thousands of flamingos visit the shore, thus forming an astonishing pink hue over the crystal waters.  

You can also find over 460 bird species in Lake Nakuru, which makes learning more fun for your children since they see these animals by their naked eye. Next, you can do some birds and hippopotamus sighting in Lake Naivasha, dubbed as Kenya’s most stunning freshwater lake.  

Your family can also enjoy a trip to Hell’s Gate National Park and be fascinated by the geology and its smoking steam geysers. To get enchanting reflections of the Laikipia escarpment with family, visit Lake Bagoria. If your children want to see crocodiles, hippos, and fish eagles, then you will find it all at Lake Baringo.

Indeed, a family trip to Great Rift Valley will surely add more knowledge to you and your little ones about geography and natural landscapes. 

3. Kapkuro Bandas

Kapkuro Bandas, owned and managed by the Kenya Wildlife Services and located in Mt. Elgon National Park are known self-catering cottages. Mt. Elgon Park is located 1km away from the Chorlim Gate and accessible at 35km from Kitale and 470km northwest of Nairobi.  

It is made up of basic bungalows or cottages made of wood and earth which houses a bedroom furnished with a single or double bed, a bathroom with a shower where a fire or Kuni heat water, kitchen complete with cooking utensils, and a sitting room. 

Outside the Kapkuro Bandas is where the dining table, complete with chairs, tables, and barbeque stands can be found. The Kapkuro Bandas are open all year round with prices ranging at $40.00 for non-residents or tourists, while residents pay at 3,000.00 KES. 

4. Ol Pejeta Conservancy

If you and your family are fascinated by wildlife and national parks, then do not miss out on going to Ol Pejeta Conservancy when visiting Nanyuki. This national park is the only wildlife preserved with a chimpanzee sanctuary and East Africa’s most gigantic black rhinos. 

In here, your children will see rare living species such as Grevy’s Zebra and families of black rhinos. This place has caught the attention of the world for hosting a white rhino named Sudan who died in March 2018 at age 45. Sudan is known to be the last male of his subspecies in the world.

If you want to see the last resting place of Sudan and some of his similar living species, then head to Ol Pejeta Conservancy along with your family.

5. Watamu Marine National Reserve

Watamu Marine National Reserve will also add learning to your family on the different marine life this place has to offer.

With more than 600 fish species and 150 types of soft and hard corals, manta rays of various sizes, and twenty-five diving sites, you will surely enjoy a day filled with marine life.  

6. The Kenyan Coast

From the capital city of Kenya, take a short 50-minute flight and your family will discover a piece of powdery white sand paradise along Kenya’s coast. This is where some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are located.

This place is a hidden gem of Kenya perfect for family resort vacations. On the southern coast is the Diani beach ideal for families with youngsters to play along the white-sand shoreline.  

To the north is the historic town known of Malindi, which lies along the stretch of pristine beach. The place offers family activities such as boat trips to mangrove swamps and forest walks. In Malindi, you will also stumble upon Malindi Marine National Park, known for more kid-friendly activities such as snorkelling trips and glass-bottom boat rides. 

This Kenyan coast will give your family more precious memories where various family activities can be done, such as watersports, snorkelling, boat rides, day cruises, and safari.

Make sure you pack for the occation

Just a friendly reminder, when travelling to Kenya from overseas, please ensure that you comply with the standard international carry-on luggage size of your respective airlines to avoid any hassle.

Travelling to Kenya is fun and full of learning experiences that are even happier when spent with your family. A family that does things together, like travelling, makes a special bond that improves deeper relationships.

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