20 Magical First date ideas in Kenya

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20 Magical First date ideas in Kenya

If you are looking for great first date ideas in Kenya, you don’t have to search too far as several abound in these cities bursting with a variety of entertainment options. From nice and cosy restaurants to scenic gardens, opportunities for romance in the country means your first date can be an amazing one. If you’re still planning or looking for where to go on a first date, here are some magical first date ideas in Kenya to consider:


If you are in a capital city like Nairobi, there are several places where you can perfectly raise your romance game.

1. Zen Garden

Nairobi is filled with a variety of restaurants suitable for first dates. However, if you want something different than the usual, you’ll find at Zen Garden. You will not only enjoy the serene surroundings but the food and drinks featured would also thrill you and your date. Other serene gardens to visit for first dates include Langata botanical, Lord Erroll and the Emerald Garden.

Zen Garden

Zen Garden

2. Fairview Coffee Estate

Embrace a casual outing at Fairview Coffee Estate for a first-time meet up. The coffee farm is home to one of the finest coffees in the world. Explore the farm and enjoy some tasty coffee as you get to know your date in a normal real-life scenario.


Fairview Coffee Estate: By Utali Bora

3. Climb BlueSky

Go on a romantic rock climbing date at Climb BlueSky. It’s a perfect place to bond and have some fun.

Climb BlueSky

Climb BlueSky:By The Real Kenya

4. PanariIce Rink

You would be surprised to find that skating is an option in an African city such as Nairobi where you can skate with your date at Panari.

 PanariIce Rink

PanariIce Rink

5. Uhuru Park

One of the perfect place to have the view of Nairobi is the Uhuru Park, where you can relax, have a good conversation while enjoying the tranquil setting. You can indulge in a variety of activities in the park. Even boat riding is not left out of the mix of options to explore.

Uhuru Park

Uhuru Park

6. GP Karting

Take your date on a go-kart adventure in Nairobi at GP Karting. Enjoy an adventurous time out with your date, indulge in some adrenaline-pumping activities while you bond and have fun.

GP Karting

GP Karting

7. Karura Forest

Karura Forest is a great first date spot, where you can indulge in a variety of fun activities including trail biking. Enjoy a forest trail adventure with your date using a trail bike. You can also take a walk around, have some nice conversations and get to know each other. This is also an opportunity for you to get familiar with the nature-loving side of your date.

Karura Forest

Karura Forest

More Trail Ideas: 10 Hiking Trails To Try In & Around Nairobi

8. Diguna

If you or your date is an adrenaline junky, you should go rope climbing at Diguna. However, you may need to go with a few of your friends for a group date.




Romance and the city of Mombasa walk hand in hand. From its beautiful waterfront in the city to the nice restaurants and the historical monuments around, there is a lot to explore for ideas on your first date.

9. Shehnai Restaurant

Tickle your palates with authentic appetizers at Shehnai restaurant while you have some nice conversation about a lot of things without awkward pauses. You can start off your date with delightful Indian soups and other mouth-watering food.


10. Tamarind Mombasa

The Tamarind Mombasa is a great spot for first dates. The restaurant has a beautiful and romantic setting with a dazzling terrace floating on a cliff overlooking the stunning Old Harbour of Mombasa. The specialty here is seafood, and the liveliness of the environment can make your date night.

Tamarind Mombasa

Tamarind Mombasa

11. Old Town

Rather than squeezing into a table at a restaurant, you can explore the old town of Mombasa with your date. Take a walk through the streets and discover the historical Arabian influence, see the old buildings with stunning architecture. You can even get some ornaments and antiques at the curio shops on the streets. This will help you bond with your date and discuss various topics confidently without feeling awkward.

Old Town

Mombasa Old Town:By Safari254


Although Nakuru
offers a lot of classy restaurants and resorts that you can visit on a first date, you may want to take it casual instead.


12. Sisima Coffee

Doing something as simple as having drinks and light nibbles at Sisima Coffee might just be the perfect intimate moment you need to get things started for a more serious relationship. Coffee can be best enjoyed when you have someone you are trying to know better.

Sisima Coffee<

Sisima Coffee

13. Kivu Resort

If you are looking to do something more elaborate, you might want to consider a full day or few days trip to Kivu resort with your date. It’s a great place where you can spend some quality time and get to know each other in a tranquil environment.  

Kivu Resort

Kivu Resort

14. D-Lux Lounge

The D-Lux Lounge area provides intimate seating options for first dates. The seating arrangements are moderately isolated, and you can easily hold a conversation with your date outside or inside the lounge. The menu offers a variety of drinks and you can order some local delicacies.



Knowing the peculiar taste of your date is one of the ways to get it right on your first day. Kisumu is filled with amazing spots to lighten your first date mood.


15. Samba Marina Club

The Samba Marina Club might be a perfect choice for your first date. You may not have the chance to hold lovey-dovey conversations but you will get the chance to see her having fun with no pretences as she would not be able to resist the trendy music.

Samba Marina Club

Samba Marina Club

16. Dunga Hill Camp

If you would rather take it slow and back to nature, a visit to Dunga Hill Camp might just be the perfect deal for you on your first date. You can go boat riding with your date or even watch the sunset together.

Dunga Hill Camp

Dunga Hill Camp

17. Roan Rooftop Bar and Restaurant

Roan Rooftop Bar and Restaurant is an amazing place for first dates. It features beautiful views and an amazing selection of food and drinks that would get the vibes going.

More Ideas: The Top Activities In Kisumu


Apart from being a training ground for sprinters, Eldoret can be an Eldorado for your first date.


18. Rocksprings Garden

Eldoret has many beautiful places to spend time with your date, and one of these places is the Rocksprings Garden. You can take your stash to a picnic in the garden and enjoy the scenery and tranquillity of the surrounding with your date.


19. Baker’s Point

If you are looking for something affordable yet thoughtful to do on your first date in Eldoret, you can consider stopping by at the Baker's Point, Zion Mall to get some pastries, cake, and ice cream.

Baker’s Point

Baker’s Point:By Baker’s Point

20. Mamma Mia's Restaurant

Finally, our most reserved first date spot in Eldoret is Mamma Mia’s Restaurant. Offering a variety of drinks and well-prepared meals, the restaurant has got a vibe that can remove any first date awkwardness.

What's Your Perfect Plan?

The thought you put into planning your first date would be the most important thing that would matter. At least in most cases where the romantic feelings shared is mutual. Thus, you should not bother about going bankrupt just to plan that date or going all out to please your date at your own high expense. Sometimes, a little is more than enough.

If you have anything to add to our list we'd love to hear from you! What's the best spot for your first date in Kenya? Hit us up on social or pop us a line on social@tripindigo.com

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