20 Magical First Date Ideas for Romantic Tanzanians

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First impressions are not just powerful; they tend to have a lasting effect. Therefore, the choice of where to spend your first date with your dream partner is very important. In a country like Tanzania bursting with a rich culture and picturesque locations, there are perfect opportunities to create that magical effect you need on your first date.

Whether you or your date prefers delicious meals, casual fun or adventurous activities for a first date, here are some places you can have a wonderful first date in the major cities of Tanzania

Paint Dar es Salaam Red

With its exotic beaches, restaurants and shopping centres, Dar es Salaam is an exciting city with so much to offer on a first date.

1. Coco Beach

Coco Beach is a unique destination where you can enjoy the outdoors and participate in interesting events such as concerts and parties. This would be fun for you and your date, and it could help you overcome the initial awkwardness that usually occurs on first dates.

Coco Beach

Coco Beach

2. Karambezi Café

Exotic but unpretentious, this Karambezi Café sits on the ocean cliff, and it’s surrounded by a 180-degree view of the Indian Ocean. The café provides a beautiful setting for a relaxed first date. You can easily loosen up and have a great conversation with your date while you enjoy delicious fresh seafood with a tasty cocktail.

Karambezi Café

Karambezi Café

3. Bagamoyo town

If your date is an ‘outdoorsy” person, you could decide to go on a road trip to Bagamoyo town from Dar es Salaam to see the ancient ruins and visit the local hotspots.

Bagamoyo town

Bagamoyo town

4. The Slipway

With its picturesque scenery, the Slipway is a waterfront playground that is perfect for an unforgettable first date. It’s a place where you can watch the sunset over the waters as you wine and dine with your partner at one of the wonderful restaurants in the shopping centre.


The Slipway

5. Level 8 Hyatt Regency

Spend a beautiful evening with your date in the favourite rooftop bar in Dar es Salaam. With 360-degree views of the harbour and the Dar’s skyline, you can easily chat and laugh over exotic cocktails.

Level 8 Hyatt Regency

Level 8 Hyatt Regency

6. Mbalamwezi Beach Club

The Indian Ocean is the greatest asset in the country, and Mbalamwezi Beach Club is a perfect place for first dates. It’s a great way to fill awkwardness with music and the sound of the waves, and an opportunity to impress your date with stunning sea view illuminated by lights.

Mbalamwezi Beach

Mbalamwezi Beach

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Take a Walk on the Wildside of Arusha

Known for its dynamic Safari experience, Arusha has many activities lined up for your first date.

7. Chemka Hot Springs

You can decide on an exciting day trip to the Chemka Hot Springs where you can spend an idyllic day frolicking and relaxing with your date. You would be far away from all the noise of the city and very close to nature. What a great way to enjoy a romantic moment with your date.

Chemka Hot Springs

Chemka Hot Springs

8. Arusha National Park

You could also decide on a day trip to the Arusha National Park. There is no better place to have your first date in Arusha than this park. Discover a magical soda lake that is filled with flamingos and enjoy the spectacular sight of Mount Meru as background. Even if you have been to the park before, experiencing it together would bring you closer.

Arusha National Park

Arusha National Park

9. The Georges Tavern

Do you want somewhere private for your first date? Georges Tavern will give you that romantic idea you need with its distinct dining experience.

10. Arusha Coffee Lodge

The beautiful dining experience includes a rich chocolate dessert extravaganza and delicious menus that will impress your date. The bar bistro at the lodge is worth visiting if you want something exotic for your first date.

Arusha Coffee Lodge

Arusha Coffee Lodge

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Light that Fire in Mwanza

Mwanza is the second largest city in Tanzania. It holds a lot of promise in giving a fantastic first date experience.

11. Sukuma Museum

If you and your date love history and ancient details or art, a visit to Sukuma Museum should get you both started on a thrilling ride. It sparks conversation and gives you an opportunity to show off to your date as culture and history lover. It’s also a great place to chill and relax while you enjoy some performances of traditional dancing and drumming.

Sukuma Museum

Sukuma Museum

12. Hotel Tilapia

Take your date to the Hotel Tilapia for a refreshing swim and a dynamic gastronomic experience with their offerings of Indian and African cuisines. Relax and enjoy the stunning scenery from the terrace overlooking the lake.

Hotel Tilapia

Hotel Tilapia

13. Lake Victoria

Mwanza is a city on the shore of Lake Victoria. Spend some time with your date on the shore of Lake Victoria, which features a scene for romance on first dates.

 Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria

14. Misterious Sinematix

Movie dates at Misterious Sinematix can lead to a lot of good times. Enjoy a great evening with your date as you sit next to each other in the theatre for a couple of hours while you enjoy a nice movie and spend memorable moments together.

Misterious Sinematix

Misterious Sinematix

Fall in love in Mbeya

With its cool climate, scenic views of the hills, and many attractions, the thriving town of Mbeya is a perfect place to fall in love.

15.Kitulo Plateau National Park

Renowned for its breathtakingly beautiful wildflowers, the romantic atmosphere would be perfect for you and your date. After basking in such serenity, you could top it off with dinner at a gourmet restaurant in the town such as The Ridge Café and Utengule Coffee Lodge. More about Kitulo Plateau National Park.

Kitulo Plateau National Park

Kitulo Plateau National Park

Make Some Memories in Dodoma

The national capital of Tanzania presents with a lot of ideas that you can utilize for your first date.

16. Nyerere Square

The popular Nyerere Square is a nice place to just chill and relax with your date especially if you are trying to keep things casual.

Nyerere Square

Nyerere Square

17. Pizzeria Leone L’Africano

Enjoy delicious Italian pizza in a calm, tranquil and cosy setting of Pizzeria Leone L’Africano, a perfect place for first dates in Dodoma. You can easily relax with a beer or a glass of beverages while you chat with each other.

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Pull Out All The Stops in Zanzibar

Zanzibar is an autonomous region in Tanzania which could as well be alternatively named the dreamy romantic region.

18. Stone Town

Walking through the streets of Stone Town and holding hands with your date can be a wonderful idea on the island. You could stop by for coffee and snacks in the dainty cafes or go for the more elaborate display of watching the imperial sunset at the Africa House Hotel overlooking the ocean.

Stone Town

Stone Town

19. The Rock Restaurant

Take a stroll with your date along the picturesque Michamwi Pingwe peninsula and stop at the Rock Restaurant, a world-famous restaurant for a romantic meal in an extraordinary location. Feast on a blend of Italian and local delicacies as well as delicious seafood while you enjoy a half ocean view and half beach view. It’s such a magical experience for a first date in Zanzibar.

 The Rock Restaurant

The Rock Restaurant

20. Uroa

The small coastal village on Zanzibar Island, Uroa is a perfect place for a first date. It features a variety of activities you can enjoy. Enjoy a private romantic dinner with your date by the poolside overlooking the Indian Ocean at Uroa Bay Beach Resort. You can also indulge in some water activities such as snorkelling, scuba diving, and kite surfing. This will give you both an opportunity to spend some time together and get to know each other.

Insert 5word caption

Uroa Bay beach resort

Where Would Take Your Date?

If you have anything to add to our list we'd love to hear from you! What's the best spot for your first date in Tanzania? Hit us up on social or pop us a line on social@tripindigo.com

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