For the shopaholic in you: Best places to shop in Tanzania

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Shopping is an energising, exciting, and fun experience. Many people shop because it brings them joy and happiness, while some consider shopping only necessary. However, when you shop while travelling, it is an entirely different experience altogether.

When you shop on your vacation, you are shopping for yourself and friends and family. Furthermore, shopping allows you to explore the roots, culture, and traditions of your destination. In addition to this, you will have a unique experience when going through the local markets, stalls, and street vendors.

Tanzania is a unique holiday destination that offers action, adventure, history, culture, and serene natural beauty. When you think of Tanzania, you will always picture thrilling safaris through the wilderness to view the majestic and exotic animals that graze the lands. However, Tanzania is not only about safaris. It also offers many excellent shopping markets where the shopaholic can experience the joy and fascination of shopping like a local.

Stone Town, Zanzibar

Stone Town is an iconic marketplace situated on the breathtaking island of Zanzibar. It is a beautifully crafted, artistic, and architecturally elegant marketplace filled with vendors selling local crafts. The market sells local apparel, slippers, decorations, souvenirs, and much more for you to discover. It also offers beautiful eateries that serve good food and have excellent ambience. Stone Town is a must-visit for anyone coming to Tanzania with Zanzibar on their itinerary.


Kizimbani and Kindaichi Spice Plantations, Zanzibar

Although you may know Zanzibar as the island with the most beautiful and serene beaches, it is also famous for its spices. The Kizimbani and Kindaidchi spice plantations, located near Stone Town, are a treat even if you are not looking to purchase spices. The mesmerising displays, unique smells, and the overall aura of the market are unique. You can buy various local spices, including nutmegs, cloves, ginger, lemongrass and much more. You can also purchase a guided tour through the plantation, which also included locally cooked meals. The tours usually end with a relaxing experience at a Persian bathhouse.


The Tanzanite Experience, Arusha

You may not know about Tanzania because it is gifted with tanzanite, a beautiful, semi-precious gemstone. The Tanzanite Experience is a museum where you can experience and witness the intricate journey of gemstones. They take you through the digging process through to crafting the jewellery. You can also purchase tanzanite jewellery. It is a captivating experience.


Mwenge Woodcarvers Market, Dar es Salaam

Heading to Dar es Salaam, you can get lost in the Mwenge Woodcarvers Market. It consists of many vendors selling handcrafted wooden carvings, paintings, decorations, and others. The colours are breathtaking, and the bustling marketplace will keep you wanting more. You can find souvenirs and intricate decoration items to take back home as a memento of your journey.

These are only some of the unique and exciting local markets to experience in Tanzania. Tanzania has many more local markets that will leave your shopaholic senses tingling.

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