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15 Local Gyms and Fitness Centres in Mombasa

The fitness industry in Mombasa is booming, and with a variety of choices, it can be difficult to find a great gym to join if you are relatively new in town. The gyms in Mombasa are breaking grounds for an improved quality of life, excellent coaching, and physical long-term results.

If you’re looking for personal training, some of the gyms offer a one-on-one training with a fitness coach. There are also women-centric gyms in town where ladies can get rid of that excess weight without breaking the bank.

Here is a list of gyms you should check out in Mombasa. Now, you have no excuse not to get your dream-body or the six-pack abs you have always wanted this year.

Gyms in Mombasa

1. The MSC Fitness Centre

The MSC Fitness Centre is one of the best gyms to break a sweat in Mombasa. It is a modern and well-equipped fitness centre with a wide range of resistance and cardiovascular equipment. Activities include aerobics, gymnasium, dance classes and Zumba. It has an amazing ambience that will make your workout routines, as well as interacting and socializing easy.

Address: Mombasa Sports Club, MnaziMoja Rd, off Moi Avenue, Mombasa.
More info at: http://www.mombasasportsclub.co.ke/
Phone: +254 727 288 111
Cost: KES 2,320 per month

2. Tiger Fitness

Tiger Fitness Center is strategically located in Tudor, and it features a variety of activities such as muscle training, Zumba, cardiovascular exercises, body toning-sculpturing and aerobics with its range of state of the art gym equipment.  The gym has a welcoming vibe that will make you want to improve your physique, health and all-round wellbeing.

Address: TUDOR, Mombasa, Kenya
More info at: Tigerfitnessmombasa on Facebook
Phone: +254 720 660447

3. Bodyworx Fitness Club & Spa

Bodyworx Fitness Club & Spa is set to create a positive vibe for staying fit. The health club has a wide range of classes that suit both men and women with individualized fitness needs and supported by certified trainers.  The spa facility gives the gym a luxury touch to its fitness service.

Address: Bahari Beach Hotel, Mount Kenya Rd, Kenya
More info at: Bodyworx Fitness Club By @ Bahari Beach Hotel
Phone: Phone: +254 733 378985

4. Time Health & Fitness Centre

With a wide range of latest gym facilities to boot, Time Health & Fitness centre is one of the great places to achieve your fitness goals in Mombasa. The gym offers several fitness concepts geared towards health and wellbeing as well as getting aligned with a variety of workout routines. Women are offered Rhumba Dance Fitness and aerobics activities.

Address:Buzeki building, Arch Bishop Makarios, Mombasa, Kenya
More info at: http://www.thfc.co.ke/
Phone: +254 752 988020

5. Mvita Gym

Mvita Gym offers a comprehensive schedule of cardiovascular and fitness classes, with experienced instructors to help you stay fit. It is one of the best fitness centres at an affordable rate in Mombasa. Videos, photos, and articles are provided with expert advice on nutrition and training to support your fitness regime.

Address: SimuYaUpepo Road, Mombasa, Kenya 99830
More info at: Mvita Gym on Facebook
Phone: +254 722 362972
Cost: Ksh. 1,200/= per month.

6.Vescon Aerobics & Fitness Centre

There is something for everyone at Vescon Aerobics & Fitness Center. The fitness instructors take time to understand what is perfect for you and your body before introducing you to its extensive induction process, which involves the weekly Zumba, body toning, aerobics, body building, health fitness and physical activities.  The commercial equipment is maintained by professional trainers to ensure your session is productive. Boxing and karate are offered to both adults and children. Don't miss out on the Zumba classes.

Address:Bamburi Vescon Plaza, Mezzanine floor
More info at: Vescon Aerobics & Fitness Centre on Facebook
Phone: +254 735 646004
Cost: Ksh. 2,500/= per month.

7. FAIZ Gyms

FAIZ have a chain of gyms across Mombasa, offering a wide range of latest gym equipment, and unrivalled services to its clientele.  Qualified instructors are specialized in customizing fitness programs to suit individual's health and physique all-round wellbeing.  FAIZ gyms offer physical fitness, aerobics, muscle training and bodybuilding activities.  The atmosphere is friendly and warmly welcoming to both men and women.


  1. Tudor Faiz Gym: Tudor, next to St Augustine Tudor School, close to Moi International Airport.
  2. Makadara Faiz Gym: Mombasa Central Business District (CBD), Meru Road off Nyerere Avenue.
  3. Nyali Executive Faiz Gym:Jamhuri Rd, Mombasa, Kenya
  4. Nyali Golf Faiz Gym:Nyali, Mombasa

More info at: http://www.faizgyms.com
Phone: +254 722 692 961
Cost: From Ksh. 2,500/= per month


8. Fitness4Life Gym

Fitness4Life offers a quality gym coupled with outstanding services to help you keep fit and track your progress. The gym offers personalized training, group classes, nutritional planning from experienced personal trainers. Some of the equipment includes core, functional training, resistance machines, cardiovascular machines, dumbbells, 4DPro and Spin bikes.

Address: Opp. Nakumatt Supermarket, Old Malindi Rd, Mombasa
More info at: http://www.f4lgym.com/
Phone: +254 723 404 404
Cost: From Ksh. 3,000/- per month

9. The Yoga House Mombasa

The Yoga House overlooks the Indian Ocean, perfectly decorated to inspire your mental well-being, happiness, and health. Internationally certified instructors handle the daily studio classes. Women would find it an ideal place to break a sweat and stay fit.

Address: Next to Nyali golf club, Links road Mombasa.
More info at: NourYogaMombasa on Facebook
Phone: +254 716 129967

10. Suzys Health & Fitness Centre

Whether you want to participate in a dance class, aerobics class or weight training, Suzys Health and Fitness Centre is one place you should visit for your fitness goals.  It is an ultra-modern fitness centre offering personalized and group services, conditioning and strength programs.

Address: BamburiMtamboni Rd, Mombasa.
More info at: SuzysHealthFitnessCentre on Facebook
Phone: +254 700 337805

11. Pride Gym Bamburi

Pride Gym Bamburi combines its unique setting with an unbeatable fitness and health services, making it one of the ultimate fitness centres in Mombasa.  You can quickly join in the morning workout before you rush out for your daily activities.  There are simple activities for people who are not interested in machines such as skipping, cycling or swimming.

Address: Amazon, opposite White House apartments, Bamburi, Old Mombasa.
More info at: Pride GYM Bamburi on Facebook
Phone: +254 707 834308

12. Rasoa's Fitness Center

Rasoa's Fitness Center is home to men and women who want excellent health and fitness training. The gym offers toning and body fitness for women, healthy recipes, fit aspiring exercises and other wellness activities. Like most gyms, they offer personalised programs and training.

Address: OppDt Dobie/ SautiYa Kenya Rd, Mombasa, Kenya
More info at: http://www.rasoasfitnesscenter.co.ke/
Phone: +254 724 226456

13. Topaz Fitness Gym

Built with a principal purpose of giving people a place to stay fit, Topaz gym provides fitness and health classes customized to improve all aspects of a user's health and quality of life. With its range of equipment and exercise classes, you will be able to increase your strength and improve other aspects of your wellbeing.

Address: Zakhem road, Mombasa, Kenya
More info at: http://topaz-fitness-gym.business.site/
Phone: +254 738 701705

Gyms for Women

14. Inshape Ladies Fitness

Women feel a sense of belonging here at Inshape Ladies Fitness, an exclusive gym with calming space for them to connect and achieve their fitness goals. The gym empowers the women with a variety of scheduled fitness programs – especially those who want to be stronger or get back into shape. Some of the motivating activities include the TRX suspension training, Zumba rebounding and Yoga classes.

Address: Behind Bima tower on Meru Road oppDancourt hotel, Mombasa – Kenya
More info at: http://inshape.co.ke
Phone: +254 717 077775 | +254 739 0777775
Cost: From Ksh. 2,500/= per month.

15. Fit Lady Gym

Fit Lady Gym is the dream fitness centre for every woman in Mombasa. It offers exclusivity and privacy to women, with its wide range of personalized services, top-of-the-line facilities as well as fitness and relaxation activities to get you in shape.

Address: Gusii St, Mombasa, Kenya
More info 
at: Fit Lady Gym on Facebook
Phone: +254 798 989000
Cost: From Ksh. 2,500/= per month

Start Getting into Shape

With a list, this extensive your now have no excuse but to hit the gym and start working on your fitness game!

We'd love to hear from you If you have anything to add to our list or would like to tell us about your experience give us a shout!

Share your experience with us by tagging @Tripindigo on your social posts #EastAfricaRocks or pop us a line on social@tripindigo.com.

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