How to Plan a Safari in East Africa

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A safari vacation is not only an opportunity to learn and explore mother nature, but it is also a journey about self-discovery. Action-packed, intense, and grueling, safaris can pack a punch, and it can be a challenging journey that will test your limits.

Regardless of these intimidating factors, a safari is just as rewarding. It is a life-changing experience, where you can travel away from the world and find yourself surrounded by exotic animals, beautiful landscapes, and the necessities of life. Whenever you think of a safari vacation, East Africa will always come to mind. It is the perfect destination for a safari vacation, offering the most adventurous, life-changing, and refreshing journeys you cannot find anywhere else.



Safaris are expensive and may require you to go deep into your wallets. Determining your budget is the first step to planning your safari. If budget is not an issue, many tour operators offer exotic, all-inclusive safari packages. These packages include everything, ranging from food & accommodations to your tour guide. Be prepared to pay approximately $200 to $500 per day per person, depending on the package chosen. By choosing a package, you will eliminate all the steps of planning the trip and enjoy an exotic private or group safari.

However, if you are on a budget, you can still go on a safari in East Africa. You may want to start planning your trip and learning more about the areas you want to tour.


Planning it Yourself

Even if you have the budget but still prefer to do everything yourself, you can plan your trip. However, you will need to consider the following:

  1. Renting a jeep – You can rent a vehicle in advance or upon arrival. Many drivers will be available on location to get you to your destinations, and it may cost $75 to $200 per day.
  2. Accommodations – Many of the national parks and safari destinations have several accommodation providers. You can get the details and book these accommodations online ahead of your trip, taking advantage of early booking discounts.
  3. Camping – However, if you prefer to get the complete safari experience, you can either pack your camping gear or book camps from a service provider at the national parks.
  4. Destinations – Depending on your budget, you will need to select the destinations that you want to tour carefully, keeping in mind amenities, distance from the central city, wildlife and attracitions, and entrance fees that some national parks charge



Some of the top safari destinations in East Africa include:

  1. Masai Mara National Reserve
  2. Amboseli National Park
  3. Ngorongoro Crater
  4. Serengeti National Park
  5. Lake Nakuru National Park



When planning your trip, make sure you visit during the dry season (June to October). It is the best time to travel to East Africa because the weather is pleasant and the wildlife is blooming. It may be cheaper during the wet season, but it may also ruin your safari, given that East Africa is known for torrential rains.

Have an Adventure

Planning a safari may seem daunting; however, it is all worth the life-changing experience. The safari vacation will keep you wanting more, and East Africa is a hypnotic place to visit, which will take your breath away. To learn more about the region, read our article “Comprehensive Safari Guide for Kenya.”



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