How to Plan a Safari in Kenya in 2022

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Traveling might be seen as a costly investment. People save for months or even years to have a once-in-a-lifetime safari experience. Planning a safari vacation may be difficult, with so many options and details to consider. It might be challenging to know what to anticipate, and certain things must be considered to ensure a successful safari. Here are some things that will guide you on how to plan a safari in Kenya in 2022

Where to go in Kenya

Kenya has become an African symbol for safaris and vacation spots, featuring some of the world’s most stunning sites. One of the most challenging components of organizing a safari in Kenya is deciding where to go. Kenya has so many safari spots and hotels that it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Make a list of all your ideal safaris. Then, limit your choices to the specific places you want to visit. Having a destination makes organizing your 2022 safari easier.


Due to the Covid 19 pandemic limitations, many visitors encountered difficulties when traveling in the previous year. Consider receiving a Covid 19 vaccination and other illnesses, such as yellow fever, as you plan this time. Contacting a medical professional or your family doctor for a checkup and necessary vaccines should be a must-do for anyone considering a safari in 2022.

Travel season

Kenya is constantly packed with safari activities and experiences that may be enjoyed all year. Considering the optimum time to go on a safari in Kenya guarantees that your safari tastes and preferences are satisfied. Some of the most significant periods are during the wildebeest migration, which occurs from July to September and involves crossing the massive Mara River from Tanzania to Kenya. As you plan your 2022 safari, keep in mind the optimal season to visit Kenya to experience the country’s wildlife and culture.


Kenya gets reasonably decent weather all year due to its equatorial position. However, there are two wet seasons to be aware of. Any safari planning must include the rainy and dry months and the cooler and hotter months. Understanding and considering weather trends while planning your 2022 safari will guarantee that you arrive prepared for the time of year you choose to visit. Being designed for clothes and activities is vital while going on a safari.

Your Safari Budget

A budget is usually an important consideration when planning a vacation or safari anywhere around the globe. A traditional luxury safari in Kenya may be rather expensive, and preparing ahead of time allows you to save money for the type of safari you choose. While planning your budget, keep in mind the sort of accommodation, activities, and duration of your stay, which are vital factors to consider while planning your safari. One important thing to remember is that you get what you pay for. When arranging your 2022 safari, keep your budget and desired type of safari in mind. You can check out our article on Flying in East Africa: all you need to know guide to get the budget for travelling.

Type of Safari

Your safari kind will equate to your intended experience. Because there are several sorts of safaris, you may need to research and learn more about them, especially if this is your first safari. The type of safari you choose will determine your lodging, activities, and the season you visit. Choosing your favorite sort of safari is critical while arranging your 2022 trip.

A Kenyan safari should be on the bucket list of any adventurer. The tips above will help you plan your next vacation to Kenya. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your next safari to Kenya, and you won’t regret it.

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